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setting up a website for seminar

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  #1 Old 08-12-2005 Default setting up a website for seminar

hi guys,

i have been given a mountain of a task to design a website for a seminar to be organised by the msian students society in my uni. i have very little background knowledge of web designing, but the rest of those involved seem to be much less technologically inclined. ideally, i would like to set this up within a month. i think i should be able to learn quickly, but i was wondering if any of you have any advice or could recommend sites or books which would really help start me off from scratch.

we have about 1 gig of web space on the uni server, and website is to serve/have the following functions
- some text explaining about the seminar
- some pics if possible. no need for animation. it'd probably kill me
- links to a few other websites
- feedback form for enquiries [i think an email link would do though]
- an online registration form [important! don't know how complicated this could be though]
- anyone have any idea how to go about including online payment options as well? [this would be really, really very nice]

ideas for layout should not be a problem..

what programs would i need to set the website up? anything freely available on the internet? not in msia, so software not so easily available ;)

all help much appreciated. come visit essex uni and i'll cook for you =)

the seminar's focus would be on asean regionalism in terms of security and economic intergration. details are still in the oven, and i dont want to risk taking them out before they're fully baked. anyone have any bright ideas on potential speakers? esp those from other asean countries.. we've exhausted quite a lot of the malaysian academics on the region, journalists, and are considering reps from private sector maybe.

to those in the uk, consider this a pre-advert pitch..
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Well... you can pay me....

From the sound of what you need you probably only need to download some form of CMS like phpNuke or Mamabo etc. and learn HTML to customize the templates. For the online registration and payment gateway, I suggest you find someone who knows what's happening and delegate the job out - you already have a "mountain of task" right....
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lol, jinjoo

i kinda got similar advise from a guy i met doing computer science. erm i will bring it up that we should perhaps get someone who actually knows what he/she is doing, if we want to be professional with this, but i was toying with the idea of being able to educate myself within the christmas hols.

the (very) basic html to customise templates i think i can work out, from what (little) i have learnt from blogs. checked out mamabo and phpnuke. lots of jargon...

hehe. gimme some time, k. i just got the job in the last 24 hours.
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Try to find out the Asian studies department in Hull university and Leeds university.

I guess your main point of contact could be Professor Terry King, the expert in South East Asian Studies (anthropology). He would be able to point you to the right speaker.

East Asian Modern Economy - Christopher Dent
Security expert in South East Asia - Tim Huxley

Globalisation and regionalism - Simon Lee

or try someone from SOAS, try to post a notice in SOAS

Or if you could approach this guy,

Malaysian Economy - Prof Jomo

There is one South East Asian Studies Society in the UK, I don't know whether it is still exist or not.
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Payment gateway can be very costly.
I recommend:

1) --> malaysia boleh
2) --> (not exactly what you need, but it works)

CMS is a good solution. I recommend:
2) --> mostly in french but excellent
3) --> mostly used for blogging but tweakable for cms (endorsed by: ).
4) --> mostly used for blogging but tweakable for cms and event agenda thingy. (and in french) (mock up: )

CMS engine listed above need:
1) css skills . (don't worry, css is not that hard)
2) server requirements: php , mysql

Good luck!
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i would recommend joomla/mambo too....don't worry about the coding so much, just go straight and create a new page straight from the admin for templates you can try downloading the free ones and edit from there.
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