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Malaysians setting up business abroad

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  #1 Old 08-07-2007 Default Malaysians setting up business abroad

I want us to talk about Malaysian citizens setting up business in foreign countries. How can we make a start? What are the first steps involved? Who to contact? How to raise financing? What skills do we need. Please fill in the blanks.
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There will be no government help nor special treatment. How are we gonna survive out there? oh my gowd ! *winks*
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You will be surprised by the government help available. If you don't know anything, don't just pour salt on every conversation.

StrikeFighter, are you asking this as an academic exercise (i.e. thinking about it at home) or you actually have a business that you want to expand overseas? Most of Malaysian companies that has footprints beyond Malaysia actually started from home. Besides the home-ground advantages, most multi-national businesses from Malaysia want to secure a base that they can fall back on.

Depending of the nature of your business (e.g. if it's Internet, it's global from day 1, or if it's selling German books or some other niche), you might consider actually talking to the business associations in your region. There are Malaysian professional groups in most regions that I know, maybe not your town, but surely in major towns. Granted they are not government, but he easiest way is to join their businesses and help where you can to learn. No one really starts at ground 0.

Suppose your intended business is to do something overseas leveraging Malaysia in general, then MIDA is the government agency you want to talk to. The Malaysian Industrial Development Authority have offices around the world to attract foreign investments into Malaysia. However, it's usually not just taking a whole chunk of $ and make them RM. There's lots of homework to be done and you can facilitate this by clearing the path - that's usually a very good kind of business for Malaysians to setup overseas. MIDA can pair you up with businesses who require such services.

Otherwise, you would start just like how others start a business in the country that you're interested to start. I'm not a Singaporean but I start a Singaporean company here exactly the same way a Singaporean starts it, with no difference in taxes and other legal structure if it is a small shop, but might require Singaporean directors in the future.

Financing is a global thing - there can be local funds, your local bank might also do financing, or you can talk to moi if all you need is less than RM5000 seed/angel funding kekeke. Once you start you'll slowly learn about how 1st stage, 2nd stage funding comes in with different VCs you can go to. No point discussing this if you don't even have good business idea

So, first step - think of a GREAT idea.
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