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And We Stress Again ... No Bashing

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  #1 Old 01-04-2008 Default And We Stress Again ... No Bashing

Here at ReCom, we take everything that happens here seriously.

So when people "bash", I have to say no to it. I believe there are sites out there that are tolerant to bashings in all forms but this isn't one of them. We would like to see the better side of people. For the most part this site has had the image of "warm, friendly, an overall nice atmosphere" We'd like to keep it that way. I believe that you will like to see people being warm and friendly as well.

Sorry we do tend to be very strict in this area. So if you can't hold in that urge to bash then take it somewhere else. If not then please do it via PM. If PM doesn't work, you can PM any staff members for interception. No matter what happens, don't involve the public community.

So in short. No bashing of any sorts, that means in posts, in sigs, or anywhere here at Recom. If you want to bash (which is... well, something I think everyone can avoid doing), do it somewhere else. Not here.

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