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Say, what do recommers think about H.P. Lovecraft and his works? Personally i find his works very intriguing, though quite dark.
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Haven't read, but I have encountered many references to his works. Among notable is my current favourite ongoing trilogy - Nick Sagan's Idlewild, Edenborn and soon to be released Everfree. Lovely books! =D

Why don't you share what you think about HP Lovecraft? What would you reccomend to a reader that have not touched his works? =D
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where to get lovecraft books?
mv mph got?
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I think I have read some Lovecraft-ian short stories and somewhat familiar with the mythology although I would not say that I am really into it. It's just so creepy and at times, gross (and I mean that in a good way). I seem to remember feeling content that no matter what we humans do we'll get pwned by giant, creepy, gross, virtually immortal aliens in the end.
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