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Early Management Thinkers & Systems Theory

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  #1 Old 02-09-2007 Default Early Management Thinkers & Systems Theory

hello there...

I'm currently in my first year degree (accounting & finance). And this is my first assignment on Principles of Management subject. I need help from you all

Where can I search for more information related to 'organisation as an open system' and 'early management thinkers' and related websites for this subject ?

My topic for the assignments is like this :

Describe how an organisation can be understood as an open system. Describe the key concepts and historical context of any three of the early management thinkers and those associated with them. Compare and contrast systems thinking with the ideas of the early management thinkers you have described. What key factors from the early management thinkers continue to be used by current organisations ? Include some examples in your discussion.

I need guidance if possible... The ways to start off with this topic. Because this is the first time I am doing an assignment. All this while, I only had practical questions for accounting, nothing related to theory. Hope to get help from you all...
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I wish I could help, but it's too technical and far beyond me. Sorry.

Check out our ReCom wiki!
Do contribute by writing or editing the existing articles so that everyone now and in the future can benefit from it!
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  #3 Old 28-09-2007 Default

I think a good way to approach this could be to start googling on those key phrases to get some leads. Perhaps wikipedia could be a good starting point.

I think a crucial point would be on Early Management Thinkers. You could go down the path of looking at the history of management. I know of history of management consulting which starts at around 100 years ago, but management by itself has started way earlier.

I think you could try to look through various practices being mentioned earlier and try to find relevance of it with today's world.

Sorry for not seeing your question when you posted. Perhaps, you could share what you find here to share with other ReComers!
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  #4 Old 04-04-2009 Default Re: Early Management Thinkers & Systems Theory

emeraldinsight try this website,needed subscription
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