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Is there intelligent life elsewhere in the galaxy?

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  #21 Old 18-05-2009 Default Re: Is there intelligent life elsewhere in the galaxy?

Originally Posted by vseehua View Post
a lot more sci-fi shows depicted us as paranoid and bloodthirsty (The Day the Earth Stood Still)
To them we are the ones who look weird.

Well, to me, I do believe that there are other life forms out there. I don't really care about UFO sightings or not I just know that there are aliens. Whether they will cause the apocalypse or not, it's just the matter of time before we find out. However, my guess is this : Let's play this apart with the Who, What, Where, When, How and Why question.

(1) WHO are humans to aliens?
Answer : Aliens themselves. LOL. Well, my guess-putting all religious beliefs behind and trying to be as creative as possible- humans are aliens experiments. That's right. The so-called 'God' that we worship are aliens. They created us.

(2) WHAT are aliens?
Answer : A species that have long ago evolved. My guess? Maybe dinosaurs who have evolved into a higher intelligent species.

(3) WHERE do they live?
Answer : Anywhere possible for them to live. Oxygen might be the source of life for us but it is not for them. Nitrogen perhaps? After all, it is the most abundant element in the universe.

(4) WHEN will they appear?
Answer : At times, they'll come visit us to check out on how much their experiment are doing. My guess, not so good considering that the earth is self-destructing..-

(5) HOW will they appear?
Answer : Flying saucers seem to be out-dated by now right? Considering the fact that Aliens are so advanced, they should be able to move around without being spotted at all! My guess: all these UFO sightings are merely decoys in reminding us that there is something out there and we better beware not to travel to far out to space.

(6) WHY aliens appear?
Answer : Nobody knows. Who cares anyway? My guess : Like mentioned earlier, to check out on how much humans have evolutionised and progressed. Who knows when the right time comes, they'll finally descend from the skies and say "Humans, bow down to your creators. We shall take you to space where you shall serve as slaves for the rest of your generations. Bwahahahaha!!!!!"

My theory.. my theory.. hehe..
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