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Engineers Salary

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Originally Posted by law_yew_wooi View Post
Do you mean the starting salary for a lecturer to teach engineering is rm70k to 80k???? Wow, that's a lot! Is it easy to get a job as a lecturer with such a high pay? It seems like being a lecturer has higher salary than an ordinary engineer. Haha, which kind of engineering lecturer are you referring to? Civil? Chemical? E&E? Mechanical?
Evidently,it is not 70k..mayb 70k per year..and i heard that 7k is for phd holder..of course lecturer's base salary is higher than engineer..but that lecturer must be at least master holder..
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Yes digimushu is definitely quoting the yearly salary, not monthly.

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As mentioned by someone in an earlier post, if $ is really of much of a concern, then you're in the wrong field. Now it is good enough to start off with a Rm3k starting salary. Most companies like Intel (Rm2.8K) and HP (Rm2.5k) are not even giving you close to Rm3k. Motorola is only giving you Rm2.8k+ if you get 1st class. Otherwise, 'jangan harap'.

How i know? Coz I, myself, has previously worked with one of these MNCs.

Being a lecturer definitely can earn more. 70k/80k is definitely yearly. No such monthly pay for lecturer. Even a Associate Prof or etc only around Rm7k~Rm20k depending on background.

Engineering is a field that you need to have the passion. Love your work.
Otherwise, i would very much suggest doing what I'm doing - pursue a higher degree and change field/job. At least your engineering field provides you a good base to start off with.

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Yes, I am refering to yearly salary. As gnc88 mentioned, if money is what you are in engineering for, then you are in the wrong field. Most of us do what we do because we enjoy it, not because of the prospect that there is any money in it.

I'm not bragging, but to put it into perspective, by the time I graduated with my graduate degree, I had 22 publications, had been an instructor for 2 years in the US, and have work experience, and was offered only a junior lecturer position in a local uni. The worst thing is a start up package as an assistant prof. position that was offered to me by a tier-2 uni in the US had more perks than what our best local university is offering. Eventually I picked an industrial position because of my own interests, not because of the pay (also, i want my weekends. Working in academia means u spend your weekends and holidays on research proposals). I don't expect the academic climate to change anytime soon back home. There are many facets of academic life that you wont know until you do graduate school, but if academia is on your mind, I would advise you to pursue graduate school right after your Bachelors.

I am merely relating my own personal experiences. Do what gets you up in the morning.
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depending on what field of engineering :

Civil Engineering :

Electrical Engineering
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Lol, I'm gonna start off with RM3.5K cause I'm a petroleum engineer a lot of ppl are into mainstream engineering that they left us out. Higher demand lor...
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lets say now i study overseas for engineering under a scholarship,then after that,i pursue chemucal engineering in masters..then can i become lecturer or tutor in local u or private u like utp,uniten,taylors etc?

How is the job like?and the salary?for both local u and those private u..any tips would b appreciated/thx!

or,do here got a thread discussing about the work on lecturer?please give me the link too..thx..

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