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Stock Market game

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Crap game...just buy and monitor penny stock to win. Bad idea to start to learn how to invest..
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Well, to me, this comment is too subjective.

Let me ask u back one question: Have u ever invest before?

If no, it would be good time to kickstart it through event like this because you will try to understand Malaysia stock market, and also understand how to buy and sell stock.
Ya, this investment workshop is focus on paper asset not other kinds of investment but paper asset may be quite an important investment you will have later in life.

If yes, it is a time to show how good you are in investing stock market. I have many friends with years of experince in stock market investment using fundamental analysis or technical analysis still finding this event interesting. They want to win the competition, do u think u are good enough to accept the challenge?

Well, i dont know whether u have mistaken this game to be stock market game in msn because this simulation game is based on real time Malaysia Market data and not created market data. It is similiar to Bursa Pursuit and you can read on Malaysia market news to play the game.
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are there any other similiar games? i lwould like to have a try
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