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Reading Sharing: why we want you to be rich?

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  #1 Old 10-01-2010 Default Reading Sharing: why we want you to be rich?

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the famous book , the New Yorks Timers Bestselling Authors, entitled ? why we want you to be rich?? The authors are very well known for their own unique attitudes that account for their own success today.

But the question is why they both want to write this book together, the answer is simple, they share the same CONCERN.Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosakinever should have met , much less written a book together. Donald Trump is from New York(The financial capital of the world),hailing from wealthy family who started making money at young age now a so called ?Billionaire?.

Robert Kiyosaki is from Hawaii( vacation capital of the world), he is from a middle class family and become a millionaire later in his life.
Both of them are successfully entrepreneurs and investors.Donald Trump has his megahit newtwork television show ?The Apprentice and Robert Kiyosaki has his television show ?Rich dad Guide to wealth. On PBS, the highly acclaimed educational public television network.

They are both financially free and do not need to work anymore, they choose to continue work harder than ever.but just because they share the same concern, they are being brought together to teach people to have a rich financial intelligence/IQ. They want people to work and invest to win, and be an active investor.

I personally like this quote: ?Give a man a fish could have feed him for one day, but teach a man how to fish could have feed him for the lifetime.? That is the reason why both gentlemen come together, share their own concerns and precious advices to teach people of different backgrounds, be it poor, middle class or rich to be financially independent and financially well equipped.

Frankly, this book is not all about teaching you where to invest,like Forex trading, Real Estate, stock market,insurance,property etc..but it is concerning money, financial education and the effects to the lack of financial education and money management.

The main things are through reading this book, i come to realise that there are these problems that we and the financial world are facing now.

1.A Growing trade deficit
2.A growing US national debt
3.A falling dollar
4.Baby boomers without money
5.Higher oil prices
6.Entitlement mentality
7.Tax breaks for the rich

I personally would have agreed to all the points stated, as I feel the entitlement mentality is getting more and more common nowadays since millions of people lack financial resources, they now expect gov to solve their financial problems or to take care of them.

All opinions are welcomed.
~He who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love~
St. Basil
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