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For those who like philosophical little snippets of short stories, Asimov and David Brin's short stories will always get my recomendation. Asimov did a really ironic piece of work, where a man rediscovers doing sums on paper, in a world where it is completely computer dominated and we have conquered the solar system. The acadamie promptly coins it "Numerology", if i remember correctly, and all sorts of incredulity happens.

Earth, by David Brin, is good as well. The basic plot of the novel revolves around a young researcher, and about the mini blackhole he found in the middle of the earth's core. I liked it because Brin explored human society 50 years from the conception of the book, and leads us through the point of views of various characters, from a leading environmentalist, to a janitor who discovers learning, perspectives from a variety of people. Deals with quite a number of issues as well, environmentalism being one of them.
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I can't remember who the author of this book was, but the story was unputdownable...

The title is "Shadow of The Minatour" It's sci-fi mixed with mythology
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How about The Host by Stephenie Meyer? I really enjoyed reading it!
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