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Forum Leaders Thread

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luke Male
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  #41 Old 01-09-2009 Default Re: Forum Leaders Thread

Congrats and welcome aboard, Glassylicious!

here, use this hammer *hands over a golden maul* ... and keep it a secret from vseehua kay'?

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The Student
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  #42 Old 08-12-2010 Default Re: Forum Leaders Thread

We are happy to announce that Henry_yew has joined the navigation deck of this ship as our moderator. Better don't cross him now that he has the banhammer as well

Also, as part of her effort to upsurp the turn HoS from a republic to form the HoS empire, Glassylicious has turned in her pretty green dress in for Darth Vader's suit. (I hope she can fit into it)
"Never argue with an idiot (or a troll)… they’ll just drag you down to their level and beat you to a pulp with their experience." -Internet 1:1

It is always good to be naive, for when we cease to be naive, it is the end of life as we know it!

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Glassylicious Female
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  #43 Old 08-12-2010 Default Re: Forum Leaders Thread

Heartiest congratulations to the big guy, whom we all knew would make moderator some day. XP

Friend: "I've discovered something that's even better than sitting on a chair and spinning on it -- sitting on a chair BACKWARDS and spinning on it!" *spins around in glee*

Compliment yourself today!
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  #44 Old 08-12-2010 Default Re: Forum Leaders Thread

As I said, Glassy's imposing black and bold seems to clash with the seemingly gentle and kind demeanour of her username, and especially more enticing now that it's black and bold.

*scurries in fear from Glassy*

Originally Posted by Glassylicious View Post
Heartiest congratulations to the big guy, whom we all knew would make moderator some day. XP
Congrats to the Iron Fist, too, whose fist will turn into diamond someday.

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