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Nuclear Energy Plant In Malaysia.

View Poll Results: Should Malaysia have Nuclear Power Plants??
Yes 9 34.62%
No 17 65.38%
Voters: 26. You may not vote on this poll

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  #51 Old 01-04-2011 Default Re: Nuclear Energy Plant In Malaysia.

Actually we already faced pollution problem long time before this plan was even in Peter Chin's head. Once i read the town Council of I-Forgot-Which-Liau spends 50-70% of its budget just to keep the town clean!! That's an awful lot of money wasted on something that doens't really need that much cost. Just imagine if Japan is to be put under responsibility to pay for polluting the world with radiation, i can bet Japan's money value will become the lowest in the world and no longer Asia's richest country but gained world's poorest country( HEY, it's possible).
Malaysia is also suffering from pollution. Just see or glance through the landscape, you'll find at least a cigarette box or plastic wrappers. By the time we got nuclear power plants(if the plan is on), pollution just replaces electricity problem. And every government is the same, Extremely confidential and cautious not to let unwanted news that could scrape their image leaked to the media. So, if nuclear disaster happened in Malaysia, probably we only get the news days after leaked radiation reaches edge of our country. and how will they describe the disaster? probably " Boleh Diselesaikan", "Tiada Masalah", " Kita Boleh Selesaikan" or "Jangan Takut". Jangan takut? radiation from japan haven't even reach us and ppl already scrambled to clear potassium iodide from the shelves in pharmacies. If radiation was sourced from Malaysia, Malaysian probably will dig and make concrete underground homes. Those rich and espective business tycoon will soon migrate, leaving the poor behind and the economy will cripple to its toes.
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  #52 Old 02-04-2011 Default Re: Nuclear Energy Plant In Malaysia.

Check This out.
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  #53 Old 02-04-2011 Default Re: Nuclear Energy Plant In Malaysia.

oh well... i am one of the 4 voted yes as of 2nd April LOL

Reason being, nuclear power will be the transition power source for the next 30 years as a buffer time zone for renewable energy to kick in and save mother earth.

In Malaysia, we've got no nature threat besides flood and only flood =)

So... why not build the nuclear plant close to the interior of say Pahang or Sarawak or Johor ? and take real good care of them. As of what i can foresee.. the only thread we have is some real smart TNB scholars just wanna slack and minum kopi and forgot to tend to the control room and things boom. That's the only concern I can foresee.
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  #54 Old 03-05-2011 Default Re: Nuclear Energy Plant In Malaysia.

I oppose the idea of building a nuclear energy plant in Malaysia. There are far more cons than the pros in my opinion. For starters, think about the cost to build the plant itself. Huge amount of money is needed just to build 1 nuclear power plant. Instead of spending 3-5 billion dollars for a power plant, the government should use part of the money to invest in a more greener solution. Or maybe they should make urban windmills a compulsory item for every building.

Other cons you should consider are the radiation problems, reactor accidents and the radioactive waste. As you can see, building a power plant would raise a lot more problems than it would do good.
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