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About going to France

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Arthur8756 Male
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  #1 Old 23-06-2011 Default About going to France

What things i should know before going into france?? to prevent me got rejected from french custom. and i really don't want that happen, my flight ticket was expensive >.<

i got a return ticket. a renewed passport. very new. no stamps.
i decided to bring 1-2k euro to get in.
i have address where i'm going and where i'm staying.
traveling around 20days visiting other's country as well.
My intention was to travel.

my real intention was to join french foreign legion lol but i don't want tell them that unless that helps me get into france for sure

Thanks all for replying!
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yhu1 Female
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  #2 Old 23-06-2011 Default Re: About going to France

Oh awesome..It's a superb nice country. I think that you should learn to be humble and respectable before that

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you serious about joining the legion? If so, just do it, no need to give fake reasons. I dunno the process, so you should find out first. Also, you need to know french.
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