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Buddhism and Homosexuality

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  #11 Old 30-08-2011 Default Re: Buddhism and Homosexuality

From a Buddhist point of view, lesbian and gay sex is generally considered sexual misconduct.
What is improper is the use of organs already defined as inappropriate for sexual contact.
The Dalai Lama did mention the words above, which means he isn't entirely supportive either. The true 'Buddhist' point of view, as taken from Buddha's teachings, made no mention of homosexual sex as sexual misconduct. He merely prohibited sexual misconduct in the five precepts, without specifically mentioning what it is. What the Dalai Lama is trying to do is to re-interpret the Buddha's teachings, based on the words of previous Buddhist scholars. In both quotes, he felt that it was OK for homosexuals to fall in love, but not OK for them to have sex. Isn't this the same point of view propagated by certain Christians, who prefer what they call 'non-practising homosexuals'?
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chrystal Female
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  #12 Old 19-06-2012 Default Re: Buddhism and Homosexuality

Dalai Lama is the chief priest of Buddhism as many considered it. But with regards to homosexuality, Buddhism has no regards with homosexuality as long as one stays happy and loving. Just as the catholic, some states allow gay or lesbian weddings. It is a moral value of each individual regardless of his religion.
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gtxpro Female
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  #13 Old 17-10-2012 Default Re: Buddhism and Homosexuality

I didn't know about this in Buddhism I would like go to deep into this.
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