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Bursary students opting for medicine going for matrikulasi, is it worth it?

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  #41 Old 27-05-2013 Default Re: Bursary students opting for medicine going for matrikulasi, is it worth it?

Of course you can apply any private uni's but it is the uni's decision whether to enrol you. But for highly competitive and famous uni's like imu, they prefer a levels and stpm above matriks. And if you are not enrolled, where comes the scholarship? For 'less famous' uni's, there is a high possibility that you will be enrolled(if you hv good results) to ensure that they can make enough profits? And no, jpa never says that they will AUTOMATICALLY pay us because they are not doing CHARITY.
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  #42 Old 27-05-2013 Default Re: Bursary students opting for medicine going for matrikulasi, is it worth it?

Originally Posted by plawks View Post
Beat the quota then. Also medicine isn't for everyone, but of course I can't change your ambition or plans so whatevs. Sometimes I just hate it when people don't think it through and say that they wanna be doctors.

Replying kaibinrocker:
Well basically 99% of non-bumis will get a 4.0 if they put in the effort to study so that's really an unnecessary question, especially if you're going to apply for medicine. Some are in Perdana, UPM, Unimas, Unisza, UMS, Taylors, Segi, Aucms, Lincoln etc. I'm not saying that they are bad medical schools, but I'm just trying to tell you guys that not ALL matriculation students get into the better med schools and there's no guarantee at all. Not here to scare anyone away, but even if you have 90% in hand, it's the remaining 10% that will affect your UPU application.

That being said matriculation is still the most memorable year of my life so far.

I would say that matriculation is the safer bet for the poorer student who wants to ensure at least a place in a local university at the lower cost. A levels can be attractive with top 10 unis in the world but there are always "what if's" where by you should consider just in case that you could not get into the universities that the JPA allow you to then you would just ended up in road block. I have a friend who got A level fully sponsored by government and she did very well in A levels but unfortunately she did not get into top unis of the UK's or US's so she ended up having to borrow money from relatives to study in Mahsa College due to her poor background, had she taken the matriculation, she might not have to worry bout that (by the way she wanted pharmacy UK and because Mahsa Pharmacy is too expensive, she had to take nursing). Bitter pill to swallow i would say but its the harsh truth in malaysia.
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