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It is funny and interesting to see my "childhood monster idol" Alien to cast a simultaneous action with "modern-superhigh-tech" Predator in AVP few weeks ago. Mmmm..I am disturbed with the year in which this unexpected event occurred in Antartica. In Aliens (episode two), the ECA (Extrasolar Colonization Administration) officer mentioned,
"To be perfectly frank, we've surveyed over three hundred worlds and no one's ever reported a creature which, using your words...
...gestates in a living human host and has concentrated molecular acid for blood." That time is in year 2179. Could the last survivor of "Antartica Beast War 2004" die in that barren iceberg before she could tell the world about the existence of Alien?

Wow...I am looking forward to whether this puzzle will be explained in the next episode of Alien or Predator.[/b]
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haha ....dunno ...i think AVP is kinda funny film .....
how can a human become a 'teammates' with an alien ??? wakaka
it don't make sense at all ...
anyway ...i don't like the film timeline ....
"Success maybe improbable but failure definitely unthinkable"
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I really like your way of expressing the opinion and sharing the information.
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