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hello, i've 1 question to ask, can anyone please explain how to apply
psychoanalytic theory of carls jung to interprete dreams?
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There are a lot of ideas introduced (or explained) by Jung in his psychoanalytic theory. One of them that has caught my attention was the relation of symbols tu humans' unconcious mind - sort of Robert Langdon here.

Sometimes what he did was not merely interpreting the dream but more likely understanding why that sort of dream occured to a person.

Has anyone here learned in more details about Carls Jung?
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didn't think that Robert Langdon has anything to do with dream analysis.. since he's just a fiction character? hello?

Carl Jung believed a dreams content uses symbolic language. He proposed that a dream expresses collective racial unconscious memories and instincts shared by all people.

These are basic ideas that are themselves symbols. These include the hero, monster, mother, father, mandala, sacrifice and the mask.

Dreams also indicate the way to self actualization. Jungian therapy in fact deals extensively with dreams and fantasies
(taken from

for more information, check out with the textbooks... anyway, Jung proposed that the dreams has nothing to do with libido (sex) as Freud said everything in dream symbolize the sexual desire of human beings....
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