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Ways to be a good salesperson

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  #1 Old 03-03-2010 Default Ways to be a good salesperson

Being a student throughout my life, It's the first time I realise how hard it is trying to sell a product.

Thus, I want to know what are the qualities needed to be a good salesperson. What should we say in front of our customers to make them buy our products? What should we do to attract our customers? How do we sell?

What I know is we need to be polite, hardworking and patient. But is it these only or do we need something more?

As for the products, there are food, clothings, beauty products and many other more. So do we need a different style when selling different products?

(Thanks for reading and helping. )
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  #2 Old 29-04-2010 Default Re: Ways to be a good salesperson

Marketing is the process of identifying your products Unique Selling Point, set price, segment your market into identifiable bits, select the target market, select the mode of delivery (MLM, through retail, mail order etc) and lastly broadcast your product /services to the target market.

Selling is the process of exchanging your goods/services for a fee. It involves identifying potential customer, provide ground info to the marketing team, approaching the customer for a close.

Marketing is more back-end whereas sales is the front-end.

Selling is never never abt cheating. It is more abt listening to your clients needs, identifying it, look for a solution which your product can solve. Seller must talk less and listen more, period.
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  #3 Old 20-07-2010 Default Re: Ways to be a good salesperson

Restl3ss, there are actually many many references out there for being a good salesperson. Most of them gives you the basics as they march you through steps like prospecting, contacting, qualifying, presenting, addressing concerns, closing the sale, and getting referrals.

Depending on what you sell, you will naturally need to acquire different skill set too.

Here are some tips off the top of my head to start you off:

1. Never begin selling until you have put yourself in the shoes of the person you're selling to.

2. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. So dress well, behave.

3. Don't say things you don't believe, praise or compliment appropriately, etc. It's people skills that start the sale.

4. Make your listener feel important / smart, never ask a question your listener cannot answer.

5. Learn to get referrals even in a failed sale situation. Someone might not what your stuff, but he or she might be able to help you open doors.

And the most important one that I always need prodding myself: No ask, no sale. Sometimes all you have to do is ask (Sir, do you like to buy a shampoo?), because it's very common for us to go around telling people how great our product is without actually asking the person to actually buy it.

All the best to you, and all sales people on ReCom!

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  #4 Old 04-11-2011 Default Re: Ways to be a good salesperson

it depends. are you trying to sell face to face? or over the phone?

I always try not to be too 'pushy' at first as that can send someone in completely the wrong direction straight away. you need to start openly and invitingly and get them interested in what youre selling.

then once you have them listening, start to talk about the product benefits. how is it better than a competing product? price/quality etc.

if you do this bit right,l you should be able to pick up some 'buying signals'. this means the customer is asking questions about the product such as 'how much is it'? 'is there a guarantee' etc. This tells you they are considering buying it.

Now you have to close the sale. again, dont be overly pushy or they will back off. re-emphasise the benefits and try and guide them towards the end goal (buying it). offer them payment options etc or offer to carry it over to the till. say you can do a special offer if they buy now.

voila, you have made a sale!

repeat x20 a day and youll be a great salesperson.
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