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ReMag Writer Applications Results

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Dear all,

Whew, what a week! I have received applications from some very promising writers, and the overall quality of applications has been refreshingly strong this time around. Some applicants were brave enough to pick some of the more difficult topics to write about [who ever has anything to say about the weather, usually?], and I particularly enjoyed seeing the many different takes on the simple question of "Why?" in various articles. I did not see merely a good command of language in the submissions; I saw delightful creativity and sound reasoning skills all being put together in an eloquent argument.

Making a decision has thus been exceptionally difficult for me; with only four positions open, I was inevitably forced to turn down a few applicants whom I would have dearly loved to see on the team. After careful consideration, however, I managed to narrow the list down to the final four. Please welcome the latest additions to the ReMag Staff!

In no particular order:

To those who were not successful this time around, please do not feel that you weren't "good enough". Competition was just far too stiff, and I had to make some very difficult decisions in the process of elimination.

ReMag is always open to guest writers, however. If you would like to occasionally contribute to ReMag, feel free to e-mail your pieces to me anytime you wish.

One final note, if you are still keen to join ReMag as part of our permanent staff, keep your eyes peeled for the next recruitment topic. We are currently piloting a new system which may allow us to take on new writers, so more positions may be freed up in the coming months. Please feel free to apply the next time around if you're still feeling up for the job.

Congratulations again to the selected writers, and a very big thank you to everyone who applied.

Chief Editor of ReMag.
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