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Malaysia Today Discussion about issues related to Malaysian politics and economy.

Current issue trends in Malaysia

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  #1 Old 22-03-2012 Default Current issue trends in Malaysia

There are two kinds of trends that tend to be seen in Malaysia today, which are not exactly opposite to each other but are not usually joined by the same people. They are:

1) The 'rebel' trend. More and more of certain segments of society are opposing the Government and anything it does. From Bersih and Hindraf and to the more recent Lynas issue and a planned protest by those in Chinese ed, many people just dislike/disagree with whatever the Gov does.

I know that many of you may say 'duh', but I've also heard those on the other side, those who support the Gov because they terhutang budi with scholarships and whatnot. If you were the privileged one, would you?

and on the other hand

2) The 'religious' trend. Certain segments of people have became more religious, believe it or not. I'm not sure about other religions but it seems rather prevalent among *some* Muslims in M'sia. I see posts in my FB everyday about how glorious it is to wear a tudung, how girls must dress to prevent maksiat (all the time) and there are some people (some, not all!) who dare to kutuk the people of other beliefs in their, especially those of their fellow monotheistic religions, atheists and homosexuals (which is weird because those are like rather opposite of each other), without regard that they have friends who have those beliefs and kena kutuk like less than humans. (Good thing we have no Jews in M'sia!) They may be 'deluded' or 'lost' in your eyes but they are HUMANS okay, and deserved to be respected as such. (In other countries this is done by ppl of other beliefs as well but since this is M'sia...)

PS. I'm not saying that either one of the trends above is right/wrong, that one is up to debate

Open for discussion. and to the mods, if you can think of a better title for this thread, please change it as I'm out of ideas
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chrystal Female
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  #2 Old 19-06-2012 Default Re: Current issue trends in Malaysia

You have good points, categorizing trends into two the rebel and the religious. But as I observe , it is not only in Malaysia that have that kind of trends but almost every nation has different views. It is really a great topic for debate.
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  #3 Old 20-06-2012 Default Re: Current issue trends in Malaysia

this coming general election is going to be exciting
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  #4 Old 20-06-2012 Default Re: Current issue trends in Malaysia

Terhutang budi to the current government because of scholarship? No.

Scholarships are paid out of taxpayers money and taxes belong to the nation, not the political party in governance. Any party forming government would still receive those taxes.

My points is, scholars are indebted to the nation but not to the political party in governance that time. (unless one feels that he/she obtained his/her scholarship through political means rather than the common selection method)
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