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Local matriculation will definitely guarantee a seat for me in the local university? (With the course I want)
Is there any example who cant obtain the course they want after finishing matrix?
My worry is that if I can't get the course I want in local university, then where should I go?
Do I have the second choice other than local university?
Is local matriculation recognised by private university like International Medical University?
Kolej Matrikulasi Negeri Sembilan is good?
I want to become a forensic pathologist and I would like to study overseas.
However, if I go for local matriculation, is it possible for me to further study in overseas?
If can, how?
Because as I know, local matriculation is only accepted by local university and some university in overseas.
Hope that you all can give me some ideas and suggestions.
Thank you.
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Originally Posted by dyandra101 View Post
I remember reading one your posts long time ago that you expressed a wish to study overseas but... in the end you chose Matriculation. Maybe you can elaborate that decision of yours please?

Anyone that is accepted here?
Money. That's all the elaboration necessary lol.
Learning to live...
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Originally Posted by marczeman View Post
Money. That's all the elaboration necessary lol.

Assuming that you did get a 4.0, you didn't receive any scholarship to study overseas?
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I discovered this blogspot by accident and find it very informative and interesting. Please check it out ! . Search for the topic matriculation vs stpm
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anyone has the used stpm books wts?? pm me the contact no pls... i need it urgently
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