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Is cursing okay?

View Poll Results: Is cursing okay?
Why not? I do it all the time 10 12.20%
Only among my close friends 13 15.85%
Only when I'm really pissed off 48 58.54%
Absolutely no. Try it in front of me and I'm slapping you right in the face! 11 13.41%
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Originally Posted by littlebigone
eh? what's so bad about cursing? Just know when to use it.

It's a form of expression. I would hate to live in a place where everybody smiles all the time like retarded zombies. I am thankful that there are swear words that allow me to express myself when I'm angry.
Agree. Your emotional expression is one of the most important things in order to stabilize your mind. It is a part of our subconscious effort to stay mentally healthy.

And have you ever heard that emotional expression also does contribute towards the development of our self-esteem + confidence?
(Talking about fact of history - Renaissance).
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Cursing - offensive? norm? Its weight differs
It is this mentality that people have in general that leads to the conclusion that cursing is an indication of "lacking of discipline". Well, I would not deny that, because this issue is really subjective. But in my point of view, normally when people curse others, it further worsen the situation, or either way enrage the other party and eventually leads to a fight etc, BECAUSE, they do not see cursing as a norm, which is what cursing actually is these days. Look, if one party curses the other, and the other just takes it as a normal word/phrase, would he even be enraged?

We determine the position it holds
Aight, now comes the role of parents in child education. In general, Malaysian parents are so used to brainwashing their kids, telling them cursing is bad, immoral etc. Some even screw their kids upside down just because the naive kid accidently shouted a cuss word out of its naive nature. And then the parents, would attempt, using all sorts of method, going thru all the fuss and hassle just to ensure that there would not be a second cuss word emerging from the kid's mouth. What is the point of doing so? If everyone takes it normally, it wouldnt be an issue in families, and neither would it be an issue within the society, or even the whole fcukin world. And as time fades by, it'll eventually become just another word people use everyday.

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only when i'm really pissed off...

i'll type those words and send to my guy via sms.
he'll know that i'm really pissed off and knows what to do to cool me down...

sometimes i'll speak them out by accidentally but mostly only when i'm with my best friend...
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Originally Posted by flibbertigibbet

I read about this some time before. Instead of cursing when you are mad, why not try to suppress your anger and keep your head. When all around you are losing control, stay calm and not make matters worse.
I read that's in the article "IF",in the form four literature book(english).
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heh, interesting thread. trust it to a few social-conscious people to create a topic as such.

is swearing okay? to me it depends on the environment that one is in. i was in a boarding school before and in that school there was a culture among only the guys in the batch in which they'd include f**k in every conversation, or line, possible. started by a few, it caught on to others, including myself. it made conversations kinda fun, albeit cliched and no one was hurt or offended by that, of course we would watch our words when talking to the ever-nice girls. i get a kick when some malay guy says f**k, it seems so corny.

for those who have been around the net, surely you have encountered some mofos (possible moderation here) and got into a position whereas not swearing aint possible. ive done some work here and there which involved dealing with these guys that i no longer feel guilt when swearing, offline or online. so i guess more exposure to the 'dark side of the net' will make you more prone to swear.
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i admit!!!!....i do curse ppl...hahahhahaha...certain ppl who did bad things to me.....and actually it often works.HAHAHAHAHAHA
sum of my frens curse too...In one instance fren cursed me for getting A2 for EST in SPM..well it was a joke at the time..becoz everyone tot it is so impossible to get A2 for it....but miracuriously...I have some sort of lucky fren's curse bounce back.....this teach us not to curse others....he ended up no where.....hehehehehehhe (i think )..sad for him.......
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cursing.... dats interesting...~

Actually there is nothing bad about it... Coz if u r really pissed off n if u dun let it out, u r de 1 who is going crazy...

I dun curse ppl though... haha, coz i dun wan wan i curse them will bounce back, juz like anthony had said.

In my case, i was de 1 who cursed by ppl out of nothing. I duno wat i had done n few of my frens juz cursed me. N it broke my heart. It really did. So next time when u all wana curse other ppl, think of wat will u feel when ppl curse u.
When the going getS tough, The tough Going!~!
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it seems to me that almost everybody curses...
but i think it's ok to curse considering the circumstances are right...
by that i mean if u really pissed off like JacLC said... u cant always keep the anger inside...
and the other time i normally curse is when i'm around frens and we curse but jokingly only not really seriously curse one another...
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cursing is good... it lets you release some stress. Its also a more powerful way of expressing your feelings.

For people who do not curse... its better to at least learn some cursing words just in case you need to use them occasionally. Its also good to learn some swearing words from different languages so that you know it when people are cursing you in a foreign language. Sometimes this could help you start a conversation with random people. Example:

"Hi, do you speak spanish?"
"Oh yes I do"
"What does XXXX mean?"
"Hahaha where did you learn that from?"
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