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Psychology Want to read people's mind? Know something about the brain composition? Come here.

Where should you go for further study in Psychology?

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thanks vsehua and Patient for the replies.

how about educational psychologhist?

The only thing I know is, it's one of the compulsary subject for those who's doing educational course.

I have consulted to a few seniors and counsellors about the pathway to become a educational psychologhist.....some say I should do an educational degree course first, then only master in educational psychology.....some say I can directly go into the psychology course, then only choose to master in educational psychology....what's the difference?

and also, may I know the the job prospect of this field(other than becoming a lecturer in educational-related courses)?

Your replies are most appreciated.
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PaTiEnT Female
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hi 4seasonspring

To do an edu. psychology course is a bit different because it is embedded within the Education Faculty. Some countries will allow you to do an education degree and then do the Master in Edu. Psych. But to my knowledge, in Australia, it is required that you do a psychology degree (with Honours, so this means 4 years) and then a Master in Edu. Psych.

As for job prospects, it's pretty much the same for Edu Psychs and other Psychs. in Malaysia. We're an 'unwanted' bunch in many ways. But if you stay overseas, you can do pretty much anything. Of course, being an Edu Psych restricts your workplace to schools and academic settings. This includes things like lecturing as you mentioned and mainly counselling school kids, talking to parents or setting up programs for kids e.g. motivational programs, career talks etc.
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Jonathan Male
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  #13 Old 23-06-2009 Default Re: Where should you go for further study in Psychology?

I am planning to further my studies in Organisational Psychology. I would like to know which local uni offers this course. I've only known of UKM and UMS. But if I am not mistaken, UMS accepts arts stream students only for psychology. How about others?

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  #14 Old 24-07-2009 Default Re: Where should you go for further study in Psychology?

only UKM accepts science stream students. Malaysia seems to treat psy as a art stream course, which is different from many countries
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