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What Are You Currently Reading?

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How To Argue and Win.
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1. Life, The Universe, and Everything- Douglas Adams
2. The God of Small Things (reading it again!)- Arundhati Roy
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Just finished Deception Point by Dan Brown. Aint it typical Dan-full of twists and consipiracies.
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Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell.
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The books I read (almost finish reading) this month :

The wealth odyssey by Larry R Frank

Real world self defense : a guide to staying alive in dangerous time by Jerry Van Cook

Mastering Business in Asia : Successful Strategy - John Wiley and sons

Embrionic breathing by Dr Yang Jwing Ming
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Yay, I started reading again about 2 weeks ago!
Adventure of the Christmas Pudding by Agatha Christie
A Quiver Full of Arrows by Jeffrey Archer
A Twist in the Tale by Jeffrey Archer (I've read a little more than half, but stopped it for the time being to read some other books that my brother has to return to his school library soon)
Deception Point by Dan Brown (I agree, ngai, full of twists...but the story's a little too slow for it's less enjoyable than it should have been)
And a little Detective Conan

Coming up: Sherlock Holmes, then I'll be back to A Twist in the Tale
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Abel and Kane, by Jeffery Archer
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Lilith, George MacDonald
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Getting Things Done, David Allen
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taking my own sweet time to fully understand the text
King Lear -Shakespeare

halfway through
And Then He Kissed Me -Patti Berg
Labyrinth -Kate Mosse
The Undercover Economist -Tim Hartford
The Jewish Secrets To Success (chinese version) -Li Hao

Sun Tzu Art of War (chinese version)
The 36 Tactics (chinese version)
The World Is Flat -Thomas L. Friedman
Lao Fu Zi comics

so no, i dont read one book at a time. n yes, i do read some of my books at least twice. (:
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