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Answer The Question Above You

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first of may every year.

why do ppl, CHINESE mostly, always go and heboh2kan that they don't get scholarships lar, matriculation lar, medicine lar or sth else when they know they shouldn't have been doing so because it annoys and irritates the so-called "fair" & "considerate" government?
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Cause they have right ( I think ).....
And just for your info, my bumi friends who got like ??? result, can even get matric or Asasi in certain Uni.....
Just imagine if a TYPICAL CINA got like this ??? result, do you think he/she can so choosy like them???
So, not complain then what???
I bet you sure complained about something before......
They are not wrong, but I din say they are very right either.....

HOW to make an enemy>>>>> a friend??
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It depends. If you really want to become friend with him/her again, you have to take the first step.

Q:Who unify Electromagnetic and Weak Interactions?
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The answer is.....go

Q: Why do guys like to tell girls this, "I'll be your guardian angel?"
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A: cos they think girls are stupid enough to believe them?

Q: why do ppl still drive fast(exceeding the speed limit) even when they know there're some Ops whatever going on??
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A: Because that's what cars are meant for

Q: What does MPH stand for?
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Majestic Palace==>Home (home sweet home!)

*Haha, I do know you meant for the MPH bookstore, but I don't
know the rreal meaning behind this abbreviation.*

What's the first thing that comes to your mind if you were granted one and ONLY wish?
***Today is gonna be a, uh, a less bad day. I can feel it. Sometimes I wake up and I just know that everything is going to be... less bad. *** ~Ally McBeal~
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Three more wishes.

What is the difference between spaghetti and pasta?
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Spagetti has two 't' pasta has one 't'

How to define 'success'?
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Spagetti has two 't' pasta has one 't'

How to define 'success'?
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supportive people at madness

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