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Must-Read Books!!!

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Currently I am reading The Millionaire Mind (by Thomas J. Stanley).
This book is much better than Rich Dad Poor Dad in offering facts and guides to become a person of millionaire mind. The following link summarizes well about the book content:
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Hey guys, do check out Dan Brown's books, especially The Da Vinci Code. His books are categorised as non-fictional. And that's the most attrative part of all.

Other books by Dan Brown include:
-Angels And Demons
-Deception Point
-Digital Fortress

You won't regret reading them.
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Originally Posted by flibbertigibbet
Hey guys, do check out Dan Brown's books, especially The Da Vinci Code. His books are categorised as non-fictional. And that's the most attrative part of all.

Other books by Dan Brown include:
-Angels And Demons
-Deception Point
-Digital Fortress

You won't regret reading them.
u sure about that???
i mean... Dan Brown's books are fictional... maybe some books may be categorized as thriller... but still, they are fictional...
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brown's books r fictional........

quote: "Perhaps you've heard of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. This fictional thriller has captured the coveted number one sales ranking at, camped out for 32 weeks on the New York Times Best-Seller List, and inspired a one-hour ABC News special. Along the way, it has sparked debates about the legitimacy of Western and Christian history......"

reading da vinci code as a thriller, i did not like its story construction .......... Leigh Teabing being the bad guy,i dunno............ some how it jus didn make me very awed with the author's seemed like he was trying to wrap up the story in a hurry by making Teabing a bad guy....

i like harry potter's story construction better........hehe...........though i am disappointed with the fifth HP book with harry trying to claim the things that he had done in his name n made me stop being crazy about the series........
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Yeah, Harry was getting a bit annoying in the 5th book...not to mention that the book was filled with loads of useless information. I mean, the whole point was the prophecy and the world admitting that Voldemort was back!
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A friend of mine, Jia Hong, shared me this link of the Malay Dilemma Revisit

The author, Bakri Musa, was a speaker in Stanford Malaysian Forum last year.

You can read the book online at:-
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i admit that although dan brown do write great fictional novels, he doesn't deserve so much credit....there are many more writers that write even better books but because of the lack of promotion, they are not as famous as dan brown.One of my fave's is Sandra Brown (2 of them are not related btw) Her thriller keeps you on the edge and i admit i kinda got addicted."ENVY" was can get a cheap one in popular bookstore, i dont know why the hardcover is only selling for a mere RM 18.90 it is definitely a good book.
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Finally bought (for $0.30) 1984 by George Orwell and finished it in 2 days - another one of those books that move me to tears; luckily history took on a different course.

If you're interested in pseudo-real-world fictions (haha, my own name for those fiction who tries to draw a lot of history / theory / myth from real world, much like da vinci code with all that holy grail stories), 1984 (written in the 50s) draws upon the real world history up to that point and made a prediction towards a totalitarian world in the year 1984, where the middle class is completely subdued, 3 gigantic super states are constantly in war, and people lived with knowledge and history totally controlled by the political party.

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Who's criticising Dan Brown?!

Sno.....i really don't agree with you on your opinions on The Da Vinci Code.

Well, yes maybe the twist of the story is not that good as of Shakespeare's but still is one of the best in the writers world. I like his books very fact, i enjoyed all four of his books.

Teabing being the antagonist...well-potrayed since he started acting out as a good guy. Why say the author was rushing to finish the story?

On the view about Harry Potter, yup, i agree. Rowling offered her 5th book, as thick as a Kamus Dewan, and yet the storyline was not like what i expected, especially with Harry.

Bad story.....i hope The Half Blood Prince wouldn't turn me down.
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sorry nicodemus.....i didn like dan brown, didn like da vinci code...thatz it.....don get me wrong, i do think he weaves in the facts he wans to present quite well tho, so he's not all that sucky........i'm reading a book called The Rule of Four currently ,it's also bout cryptography in literature work....this book is not that easy to understand compared to da vinci's code coz it refers to renaissance work n authors without further explaining as tho the writers(there's two) expect u to b an expert with the renaissance i do prefer da vinci code over the rule of four in the facts presenting/alluding aspects............
as for harry potter, not crazy bout it anymore, let's hope the new book respark my former interest in the series
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