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US Universities Application FAQ V.2

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Jus wanna ask, for us application forms, is it advisable to complete them online and send them online or should I mail it instead? Thank you.
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Originally Posted by thor93 View Post
Jus wanna ask, for us application forms, is it advisable to complete them online and send them online or should I mail it instead? Thank you.
If they requested it to be submitted online, please trust their web system. Else, mail it.

Originally Posted by Lucent View Post
Hi, I'm from Malaysia, did Taylor's ADP, went to San Jose State for undergrad, and then to Stanford University for my MBA. I'm starting an admissions consulting service with another Stanford grad with a master's in education.

As immigrants from Asia, we have a keen interest in helping Asian students gain admission in to top universities in the United States. We have a great mix of admissions experience with one of us being a late life transplant from Malaysia and the other having grown up in the US. We navigated the education system successfully and want to help you do the same.

In order to help you, we would love your thoughts on your admissions needs. Please fill out this 4 question survey and enter in to a drawing for a free 30 minute consultation on picking schools and admissions strategy!

Potential MBA applicant here.

Federation of Malaysia is formed by Sarawak, North Borneo, Malaya (and Singapore) by 16 Sept 1963. It has nothing to do with 31 Aug 1957. Just saying.

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Hey guys I'm a bit confused about the International Supplement.

A section of it mentions:
To the secondary school counselor:

Is promotion within your educational system based upon standard examinations (for example: Abitur, GCSE/A-Level, ICSE/ISC, etc.) given at the end of lower and/or senior secondary school by a state or national examinations board? (Yes/No)

If yes: Please attach an official copy of this studentís lower secondary examination results. If the student has already taken senior secondary leaving exams, please include an official copy of the results. If this applicantís senior secondary leaving exam results are not yet available, please indicate predicted results on the reverse.
If you have already forwarded these results with the School Report, you do NOT need to attach another copy to this form.


1) Does the first statement refer to 'lower secondary school' as PMR and 'senior secondary school' as SPM or A-levels? I've done A-levels as my pre-u, so will this be answered as yes?

2) After, they ask for 'senior secondary leaving examinations' to be recorded in a table. I've read that senior secondary leaving exams would mean results for Grade 12 (A-levels). Some say it refers to the exams that you take upon leaving high school (SPM). In this case, which result will I be filling this field with?

3) I've done retakes for my A-levels. Started my course in June and did AS in Nov, May and this coming Nov. For the MYR, should I be putting in a forecast for the Nov result, or base it on the May one?

4) If I should use the May result, should the 'Cumulative GPA: _____ on a _____ scale, covering a period from _______ to ______.' field be filled in as:
a) from June '11 to May '12, or
b) Jan '12 to May '12?
Would my A-levels counsellor need to explain my extension of the course and retakes?

5) Would I need to submit ALL results for these 3 sittings? My first sitting was really bad. If I do, how badly will it hurt my chances?

6) Should I also notify them that I'll be sending in my AS Nov result in Jan '13?

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