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Originally Posted by maximR View Post
Forgive me for being ignorant , but I really didn't get your posts , haha . Who's who by the way ? Who got straight A+ for SPM 2011 , and what about the other girl ?

I'm doing quite fine to be honest . I dropped Accounting and took up Basic Economics instead to compliment my science subjects , so I'll be taking a total of 10 subjects for SPM , excluding Chinese [ I'm of mixed parentage ] .

My teacher pretty much doesn't really play their part in teaching me , except for my English teacher so I'm pretty much left to cope on my own without tuition . I think - no , I believe I can make it , for SPM . I don't want to rely on tuition teachers to spoon feed me because fundamentally when I continue with my tertiary studies , I'll need to survive on my own too .

So far I'm loving all of my subjects but one thing : Moral . Ughh . An inexperienced teacher , confusions about the nilai , kata kunci and what not . I'm afraid that I can't scrape an A+ for it because nobody in my school got A+ for Moral . I'm in dire need of help for the subject .

Well , moving on :

How do you study for Sejarah and Biology ? I'm pretty much doing my own notes for both of the subjects but I can remember Biology better since it requires a certain degree of understanding and if I understand the concepts , I can remember the processes/definitions . But for Sejarah , it's pretty much rereading the textbook over and over again , highlighting the points , writing my own notes and then reread them . Any other way ? I don't get it when people mention about reading Sejarah like a story book , because it is filled with facts that need to be remembered .

I'm clueless on the formats for pretty much all of the subjects as well . It'll be of great help if I can private message either one of you or both to inquire .
Sorry about that. Alice and I are currently in the same college, and our rooms are right next to each other. So we kinda know each other pretty well =)

Alice got an A- for Chinese. She got 10 A's. I'm the other one. You're kinda right with the tertiary studies part, there's a load of work to be done! Especially on Alice's part (she's doing History for A-Levels, gosh).

Moral, huh. Well my schools emphasized quite a lot on that subject since we were in Form 1. So I didn't have too much trouble. And my teacher was really good.

Sejarah? Don't remember much. I'm the kind of girl that remembers after looking at stuff too many times. As for Biology, just memorised it. But one thing, Biology isn't that easy. Own research is needed. Seriously =)

You can PM me anytime. I'll try to help if I'm free!
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Hello, guys!

You need not be a genius to score A's. You need to be prepared to work very hard and need to know the effective way to study. I'm conducting a proven technique on How To Study and Score A's" - either on a one-to-one basis or a small group, at any mutually convenient venue. Very affordable! PM me if you are interested.
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