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Archetypes, Odyssey(Homer) and Paradise Lost(John Milton)

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vaanbalthier Male
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  #1 Old 10-02-2009 Default Archetypes, Odyssey(Homer) and Paradise Lost(John Milton)

Hello everyone. It's kinda rare for me to actually start an academic related post here, haha.

Anyway, has anyone read Odyssey or Paradise Lost before? I'm doing my Culminating Performance Task(CPT) and I'm analyzing Odyssey using archetypal criticism. And since Paradise Lost is also another book full with archetypes, I'm wondering whether I should take the risk of doing two HEAVY(literally) books.

Basically my idea is trying to explain the very source of archetypes, explaining what makes, for example, Odysseus the ULTIMATE archetype for the HERO, and does people who fits his characteristics makes him/her a hero too? So by comparing these two books, I'm able to dig deeper into the very source of archetypes(the 3 father's of archetypes: Odyssey, Bible and Shakespeare's literature).

Anyway, I'm really hoping that you all will help me.....I'm in a tight spot now
Many thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
wa si hokkein lang
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Vaan Male
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  #2 Old 14-03-2009 Default Re: Archetypes, Odyssey(Homer) and Paradise Lost(John Milton)

Alright, my evil twin brother. I shall help you. Okay for your question I have no idea at all. Hope this information helps yaa...muahahaha.

Okay laa okay laa, don't strangle me, wa si Ho lang. Since you in a tight spot now, I don't think it's a good idea of analyzing two very heavy indeed literature books but if you insists, then go ahead but it will be torturing. I just finished two research projects on two different topics of genetic engineering and woah was it tough.

No, Odysseus is more of a hero belonging to the ancient world not on modern times, it's not REALLY applicable but you can still extract certain characteristics from him to define a hero. For example, he killed people dude, it ain't considered a heroic act in modern times but he is definitely a hero as he has the courage and strength as well as endurance to escape from Troy and then from a capsized boat by just swimming. So I think you have to be very extremely caution with points you use in your reports.
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