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Obligatory Pep Talk and General Advice with regards to Scholarship Rejections

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eve88 Female
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  #31 Old 17-05-2009 Default Re: Obligatory Pep Talk and General Advice with regards to Scholarship Rejections

Originally Posted by Naila View Post
Then they don't really deserve the scholarship, no? 'Cause there are so many Malaysian students out there who fork out their own money to study at top universities, and I think they are the ones who truly deserve those scholarships (bearing in mind their socio-economic background as well of course).

And I have to agree with what you said about those who are still uncertain about their interests. For them I guess it's ok to aim for all the scholarships out there. I'm just agitated with those who already know what they want to do and yet they're still blindsighted by scholarships that offer courses that are no where near their interest.

Sorry if this is turning into a debate. Just wanted to share my opinion
but the debates are the fun-nest part of recom! dont apologize for that.

Well, JPA's fault if they select underserving scholars... but it is hard to predict 1 - 2 years in advance "whos gonna get into the top universities" =D Though you're right, there is a huge room for improvement.
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The Student
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  #32 Old 05-06-2009 Default Re: Obligatory Pep Talk and General Advice with regards to Scholarship Rejections

Now that the JPA scholarships and appeal seasons has come to an end, we see lots of sour faces of people who get their dreams dashed to the ground. What comes out is a flurry or allegations that the government is being racist/lopsided/discriminatory in giving out their scholarship places.

While this is most probably true, remember that there are students from all races that are affected by this situation. I am pretty sure that there are also high-achieving Bumi students who didn't get the scholarship as well, and that they are just as disappointed as you are.

So what is the point of this post? Nothing. This post is just a rant.

However, what I would like to remind you guys is that JPA scholarships is just like any other scholarships offered by other agencies. A scholarship is an award given to students that they think are deserving of their attention and sponsorship. With only 2000 places allocated each year, there are bound to be students, with a number of high achievers included, who will be disappointed.

What happens next is always interesting. Year after year, we get people posting here about how racist JPA is with the distribution strategies because they had awarded a small number to "undeserving" students. Somehow, somewhere, in the middle of the process, the blame game decides to widen it's scope and people started blaming the whole race as a cause of their disappointments.

This is the reason why I am not surprised that Malaysia is not uniting as a country. We had let ourselves be drawn by what some people who are in power want all along, a divided society in which prejudice prevails.

For each singled out case of undeserving students awarded with the scholarship, there are a lot of people deserving of it who gets it as well. For once, get out of your narrow viewpoint and look around. Most of the students who got the scholarship have qualities that pushed them to the top of the pile!

But, if you think you are an excellent student who have been injusticed by not being awarded by the scholarship, I would say that life had chosen another path for you. Whether you will reach a city or success or mine of doom will now be purely of your choosing. Live life, and live it well. If your dreams is to study overseas, there are lots of other opportunities for you to do so. Have a look at the ReCom wiki scholarships section. There are no shortage of scholarships being offered and catered for Malaysians of every kind. Not getting JPA scholarship doesn't mean the end of life for you! Pack up your tears, your next phase of the journey of life awaits you...

Before I end this post, I would like to call for an end to racial bashing here in ReCom. I am sure that I have to post something like this next year, but for this year, I have enough of anti-bumiputra posts here in ReCom. It will be tragic to see Malaysia succumb to racial tension yet again...
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It is always good to be naive, for when we cease to be naive, it is the end of life as we know it!

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tsar Male
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  #33 Old 11-06-2009 Default Re: Obligatory Pep Talk and General Advice with regards to Scholarship Rejections

I so cannot believe that I only found this just now. GREAT POST indeed! My thumbs up. I know I should use the thanks button, but I just had to say SOMETHING.
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Redwine2 Female
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  #34 Old 12-06-2009 Default Re: Obligatory Pep Talk and General Advice with regards to Scholarship Rejections

Dear all

There are many many more scholarship available out there, you really do not have to rely on local scholarship, work hard enough and you see many other opportunities out there.
Try seeking for embassies that usually will provide very good recommendation on where to study and scholarship information.

Study locally is not that bad after all, dont just hope for oversea, the grass over the other side of fence are not greener. Do it locally, yon wont miss out the food, your family and the language barrier.

Of course studying oversea is good, but not everyone can afford it or will even cope it.

those are my two cents

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Gitz Female
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  #35 Old 24-07-2009 Default Re: Obligatory Pep Talk and General Advice with regards to Scholarship Rejections

thank you, you made my day
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AlvinLee91 Male
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  #36 Old 24-07-2009 Default Re: Obligatory Pep Talk and General Advice with regards to Scholarship Rejections

Glassy,I feel that through this unlucky event, we all had learned a lesson:
' Dont be too confident, as it may not happened as you expected, so take the lesson as your motivation, to become Better ! '
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skyflyer1211 Male
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  #37 Old 27-07-2009 Default Re: Obligatory Pep Talk and General Advice with regards to Scholarship Rejections

Thks for your post glassy..It certainly cheers me up after not getting any interviews for all the scholarships that I had applied for in Mei.. Best wishes to you..
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rightthru Male
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  #38 Old 29-07-2009 Default Re: Obligatory Pep Talk and General Advice with regards to Scholarship Rejections

all the way from University of Oxford, United Kingdom

u should change ur name to CLASSYlicious !!!!!
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tansockkoon Female
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  #39 Old 02-11-2009 Default Re: Obligatory Pep Talk and General Advice with regards to Scholarship Rejections

Originally Posted by Cerav View Post
You did a very good job on the post Glassy and I truly admire how you choose to inspire people.

Every bit of of what you have divulge to us was certainly true and should be pondered by everyone.

I would like to say something more from what i learned from a certain leadership programme that really change my mindset about the scholarship culture.

True, getting a scholarship is great but not getting one is never the end of the road... Remember, at the end of every tunnel there always be a light shining your path... We should change our mindsets now about scholarship culture, because getting a scholarship does not mean that person is successful until he/she dies... No!!! but his/her path is just smoother, so for the rest that did not receive it, they just need to try harder and think outside of the box/line... Go beyond the norm, work harder, strive more, sacrifice more so that it is worth it... I've meet several young professionals and even millionaires who did not get scholarship and yet was successful in achieving their goals mainly because they stick to these two principals, which is passion and sheer hard work. I met a lady who did not get a scholarship from Malaysia, is a Chinese and now a doctor of philosophy by the age of 24. During her university years, she worked her a** and studied her way through university without any scholarship even mamapapa scholarship...

She studied her a** off because she is passionate and she knows that she must strive to her fullest potential because people tend to doubt things they do and regret it, she does not want to burden her parents and she wants to prove she can become a doctor... That is why she detest sleeping as it wastes time *but i won't advice anyone to do this*...

The thing that i want to stress here is like what Glassy has said is that it's never the end of the road. Always strive for the best because there is always a way, be it a mouse hole or even a pot hole. There is a way, but always be passionate, prepared and be hardworking.

Oh, yea there is another reality i need everyone to realise which is the studying world and the working world are two different worlds all together. And in the working world it's a different ball game. Remember people in life aim to work at least at a certain point of your life. So set your goals in the working life rather than putting your whole life *i mean literally* in scholarship and education as the whole reason you live because the end goal of any human is work. The sad reality which i think and you may rebut this is that we humans are here mainly to work...

Can I know the lady how to complete her doctor course without any financial aids?The course fee is very expensive until even she work also cannot afford that..(sorry for my poor english)=)
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basilisham Male
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  #40 Old 30-12-2009 Default Re: Obligatory Pep Talk and General Advice with regards to Scholarship Rejections

I was selected by JPA to do econ in Canada. But then I got a close to full aid offer from the University of Chicago and I was like F*#% JPA.

So you could say that my JPA scholarship was more of a backup for me rather than the be all and end all. I think more people should have this attitude. Like Chen Chow said, the top American universities give full or nearly full financial aid if you can't afford their fees.
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advice, advise, encouragement, jpa, pep talk, rejection, scholarship

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