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STPM or Asasi Sains???

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  #1 Old 04-06-2009 Default STPM or Asasi Sains???

Hello everyone...

I don't know whether i suppose to make a new thread on this or not, but since i really need to get a quick answer n some attention, i guess i have to then.

Ok, this is how the story goes.

Yesterday while i was watching Terminator Salvation, i got a phone call from one of the staff of UIAM saying that i got offered to do asasi sains in UIAM. ok, i got the second intake entrance.

Initially i prefer PASUM but i got offered this. So should i go??

I'm doing my lower 6 now n so far i feel very comfortable doing it. I think i could hold myself long enough to wear the uniform again(but i swear to GOD it's really not good wearing the same shirt from the moring till 4 pm....-_-*).

About the studies in form six, i think i could handle it too, but i'm still in the very beginning of it, so no idea what awaits me ahead.

I've rejected matrix for form 6, should i reject this one too??

My dream is to study aboard but since my SPM is so damn 'great' i have to say 'tata' to the scholarships.

I know the chances to go abroad thru f6 is kinda wide compared to matrix but somehow, i don't see anywhere to go other than local U for STPM leavers from my school, even for the top scorer.

I'm so scared, confused, dazed n half mad. Somebody please help me!

I wanted to study abroad but so i go for form 6 but then i dont know what to do to make myself get offerd to be in oversea U's.
N then come this offer from UIAM.
Should i just kiss my dream to study abroad goodbye n give up on it n just go for asasi UIAM??

Man i'm really depress!! Someone got anti-depressant??!!
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Just accept that offer. Seriously, asasi has a higher chance to study abroad than stpm. If you failed to get the scholarship to study oversea, you can still continue ur desire courses in famous local universities. All the best to you!
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