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The secret in 'THE SECRET' is the key of success

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YEE Female
Super Junior Member
Join Date: Apr 2009
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  #1 Old 19-01-2010 Question The secret in 'THE SECRET' is the key of success

Have you read 'THE SECRET'?
Do you really agree with the law of attraction?
Does it mean what we have to do is jz imagine what we really want in order to fulfill our dreams?
Do you really agree that we dont have to know 'how' to achieve our target but just hav it in our mind?
Have you tried to apply it in your daily lives?Does it work?
Well, pls share your point of view here...
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fardormu Male
Super Junior Member
Join Date: Feb 2010
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  #2 Old 16-02-2010 Default Re: The secret in 'THE SECRET' is the key of success

hey, the book is pretty interesting I must say. I believe the book at it's fundamental level is motivation, but how it approaches is rather interesting.

In my opinion, based on the Law of Attraction, I take it as a reality check on mindsets. At times I lean towards negativity in certain situations or decisions that I encounter. So I'll tell myself that I need to re-do my mindset so it'll have a positive outcome.

9 out of 10 times, it works wonderfully in ways that I did not even expect.

I recommend this book to everyone, a really good book.

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The Myth Male
Less Junior Member
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  #3 Old 20-02-2010 Default Re: The secret in 'THE SECRET' is the key of success

Pains and gains are co-exist.There's no such thing as thinking something into reality.It works good in making readers to think positively,but obsession to the theory brought us nothing but disappointments and irrational decisions.
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  #4 Old 23-01-2012 Default Re: The secret in 'THE SECRET' is the key of success

The secret to THE SECRET is pretending you found The Secret then write and market a book about it.

Not so secret after all. =)
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bluesunshine Female
Super Junior Member
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Join Date: Nov 2010
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  #5 Old 03-02-2012 Default Re: The secret in 'THE SECRET' is the key of success

I do believe in you attract what you think. But no, I don't believe that things will come just because you think about it. Unless, of course, miracle happens, but that is of entire different story. In my opinion, the underlying meaning of you will get what you think, is like what fardormu said; motivation. Once you have the motivation, you will strive to think have it. "What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve".
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Nicholas92 Male
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  #6 Old 04-02-2012 Default Re: The secret in 'THE SECRET' is the key of success

I'm sorry, but the so-called 'secret' sounds like bullshit to me. Fixing your mind on your goal, and motivating yourself, is one thing. It's another entirely to assume that if I stood somewhere and thought about burgers, one would eventually float my way. Anyway, where's the proof for this so-called law of attraction? Is it rooted in some religion? Has anyone really backed up this supposed universal law? It only sounds like meaningless writing to me.

Does the book say some correct things? Well of course it does. There's nothing wrong with positive thinking, or self-motivation. But they've sneakily incorporated what most people already know (you have to be motivated to seek what you want yadda yadda) into some bullshit, almost-mystical concept of attracting what you want through this positive thinking, and then milked it for all it was worth.
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