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To Apply For Degree In IPTS

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Hello...I am diploma student and I have already graduate...and now I want to continue my study in Degree...with my cgpa I have past the entry requirement...the only problem is they have to check my spm my spm result is poor..I have to resit spm again...

the subject that I have to resit are (Biology,Chemistry,Add Math and Physics)...but when I ask the counselor about other subject (such as BM,BI and Maths) which is also include in the entry requirement...he said I also need to resit these subject...because he said all the subject in the entry requirement must be sit in one (1) it true ???

because subject (BM,BI and Maths) I already pass this 3 subject...
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I'm not so sure about your having to resit the BM, BI and Maths courses. One shouldn't need to resit those courses if you have passed them.

A bigger question, though, is that if you have obtained your Diploma, wouldn't that be sufficient to apply for undergraduate studies in an IPTS? I have come across one or two IPTS (UTP & UTAR), and they accept Diploma without having to know what you got for your SPM. Of course, I'm just making the assumption that you're applying into an engineering programme. Requirements can differ for other programmes.

But if you could actually apply for undergraduate studies using your final Diploma results without having to send in your SPM results, then you needn't bother about sitting for your SPM again. Check with the universities first whether they require your SPM results in addition to your Diploma results. If they only need your final Diploma results, then don't bother taking SPM again!
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