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Education experience in Singapore

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  #1 Old 07-05-2005 Default Education experience in Singapore

Two years in Singapore has really changed my perception towards life. I used to be a perfectionist and would feel very uneasy whenever I slacked. However, after coming to Singapore, I have changed a lot and begin to take things easy. One thing that i will never forget about JC life in Singapore is the late night supper that my friends and I had at Simpang Bedok and those late night card sessions, some that stretched to the next morning. Life in singapore is not all study and no play. Hope that whatever that is shared here will of great use to the students who intend to study in Singapore.
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  #2 Old 08-05-2005 Default reply

hi muttonchicken! well... i see that as slacking! haha. until our boarding master scold us and beg us to study. anw, u guys still had flying colours! so yes. PLAY is important.
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Come into NTU or NUS, you'll probably start of thinking whether life can be eaten...
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I had no idea that the hostel I landed myself into was touted the party hall of NUS. Haha. But we don't party as much as other people would like to think of us.

Apart from partying (hehe) I think the thing that I have learnt most in these three years is that I have become more aware of the arts. Critics may say that the literary and the arts scene in Singapore is too pre occupied with being 'good' or 'perfect or 'world standard' whil sacrificing on its building of a local arts legacy..... but one thing for sure - i've learnt a lot more of the arts and I'd like to be more involved in it - especially after I graduate!
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wow... u guys are lucky...
my hostel.. at Oldham Hall, ACS Barker Road was very strict about everything and anything...

first of all, lights off (including the table lamps) at 11pm... and after much complains from the JC students, they extended the table-lamp-hours til 12am... and that's it...

that's outright dumb... and we couldn't hang out late at night because we must be back in the hostel latest by 11pm... or else...

and there's compulsory chapel session on Sunday evening.. meaning... we must be back in the hostel at 6pm on Sunday...
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  #6 Old 09-05-2005 Default

I was in the same hostel as Mutterfricken (Anglican House--AH). Well, we also thought that our hostel warden was too strict in certain aspects, but our hostel was one of the most complacent ones. Our flow-through fellow scholars said that the food in AH was considered quite good already...

Wah decentmerson... sure or not... table lamps also must off at 11pm? How to study then?? We succeeded in persuading the hostel warden to put the lights off time at 1am during exam period (room lights, by the way).

If we wanted to come back late, we would just write a letter and drop it into the warden's office. The best thing was, we didn't need to wait for his approval! He was kinda irritated by our frequent trips to a nearby coffeeshop though. What to do? All Malaysians need to go Mamak stall once in a while mah...

Compulsory chapel session eh? I think my hostel had some kinda of "preaching" sessions for secondary school scholars (mainly from China).
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I'm wondering whether to classify my experience as lucky or as one of those 'you should be thankful for what you've got'... haha...

Was in presby first year. That rocked my world. wonderful wonderful place with good, homecooked food, and few rules, loved the people and all... Amazing experience for a 16 year old. THEN horror of horrors, it was closed. Btw, it became a juvenile home for women. haha.

In college I went to RIB ( RI boarding). If you think you had it bad... Well... moor hse was probably worse. 7.30 curfew. 10 on satuday. TEN! And jc students had prep! and you're not allowed to read storybooks or novels during prep even if you don't have work! ARGH!!!!! Ok, calm down<talking to herself>... The nightmarish first few months. Luckily where there's a will there's a way... Found that if I got 3 ccas, then I can apply for time outside the hostel(you are supposed to get letters) and just managed to spend most of my time elsewhere. Phew!
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  #8 Old 10-05-2005 Default

ha...RIB's not that bad...for guys...when I was in Buckley, it used to be real fun! And when I was in Moor & Morrison b4 the girls came, it was crazy! We even threw Mr Chow, the Boarding Master into the pool on his birthday!

hehe...also had 3 CCAs...stayed in college till 9pm almost every day...but actually after 7pm, me & my friends will just hang out in Ghim Moh to makan =)

I agree Secondary school's not that stressful but in JC I find it quite stressful since my class only had 4 non-scholars in a class of 25, with the rest mostly PRC scholars! But luckily, I managed to find a place that suits me in the 3 CCAs i did =)

All in all, I think I enjoyed my 6.5 years in S'pore...but sometimes felt that I never get to develop the Malaysian identity in me...what about you guys? Ever felt that way?
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  #9 Old 10-05-2005 Default

well......for me.....I've just been in singapore for two years....dun think i lost much of my malaysian identity though....haha.....Actually i disliked singapore when i first found myself in an old hostel(Anglican House) and the food sucked.......but when got used to that, life wasn't that bad, especially when u get to know more friends from different cultures and backgrounds, enjoying urself in some CCAs that u really liked and still get to eat at the MAMAK stalls....muahaha....
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  #10 Old 11-05-2005 Default

Come into NTU or NUS, you'll probably start of thinking whether life can be eaten...
What is THAT supposed to mean?

I had no idea that the hostel I landed myself into was touted the party hall of NUS. Haha. But we don't party as much as other people would like to think of us.
By the way, what is the NUS policy on non-natural hair colour? What is the official policy with the bending-the-rules stuff, like wild parties, visits from the opposite sex (yes I've heard about the sex), punk subcultures, drinks, cigarettes, etc.?

and you're not allowed to read storybooks or novels during prep even if you don't have work!
What happens if you're a lit student and you have to read something like Emma or Pride and Prejudice or Shakespeare?

I will now promise myself I will not involve myself in more than 2 CCAs and I PROMISE myself to have a life other than CCA. I don't want to be part of the system!
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