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Book Writing

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  #1 Old 09-06-2004 Default Book Writing

I am thinking that if we have the chance to write a book and share it with everyone it would be great.

Do you know what is the complete process of writing/publishing a book?

like... how to meet the publisher, the contract, in what form should I write, tipss etc.

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You 1st need to write a manuscript and approach publishers who want to publish the book. If approved, finish your book and send it to editors (paid yourself or by publisher, not sure)

Then find a famous person (if possible) to write your foreword/introduction, takes a while if your book is large (if that person actually reads it).

After all is done, your publisher will do the rest (ISBN no. marketing, printing, of course they take a huge cut out of your royalty and this depends on publisher as well, some requires you to do marketing and bookstore placement yourself)

Then do initial print run and send to bookstores who wanna give up shelf space for you (usually they don't pay u for initial placement, all comes out of your pocket unless your last name's Rowling). If successful and well received, bookstores will place orders (this they pay upfront usually) and prepare to sign books.

usually you don't see your 1st check until like 5,000 books sold (I might be exaggerating, but it depends on what kind of book and how much you're selling it). Remember that not all publishers are so accomodating. They have a reputation to keep and most of the time, the expenses come out of your own pocket initially (they get a less cut for each book published) or they invest in you (they get a bigger cut of your profits later)

And currently, electronic publishing is also starting, which is cheaper. I've written my 1st E-book and you can get your free copy at Alles Deutschland.

I'm not selling it, but if you wanna sell your own E-book, be it electronically or print copy, it's way easier than the traditional way. There are also publishing houses which deals in E-books and they offer all the services, from printing, delivering, and payment. You just worry about writing a good book and wait for the money. This usually costs way way cheaper because it's print on demand (they print only when someone orders) and you don't need to worry about stock or capital. (the publishers take a cut from 40% to 50% or more of your profit though but the rest is pure profit as compared to traditional, you get less the 10% i think minus all costs)

The thing is, not many people would buy an E-book, unless it's printed, but people also tend to trust "real" authors more. So the net profit will be way less than the traditional way unless you can match the volume of E-book sales with hard copy sales.

Anyway, up to you to decide, and one more thing, the info above might not be 100% accurate as I write through memory only.

Do your own research and ask other authors. Sorry if I'm wrong. It's not intended.
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I think there?s an easy way to publish my book.
I know some people in certain organisations like chinese association and YMM ... These organisations have been doing publication and printing books.

Maybe I can do an affiliation with them or publish my books under thier name. With thier help life would be much easier, esp the marketing part.

it would be better if I can get an affiliation from the press...
maybe it?s possible for me to organise a seminar if things permit.
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