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Psychology Want to read people's mind? Know something about the brain composition? Come here.

Why are people so afraid of Psychology?

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If ur running for president.........a visit to a psychologist can be deadly to ur campaign as rumours will spark up, and ppl think ur insane. Happened before i heard?
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which country's president?
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Originally Posted by youngyew View Post
also some arguments that there is an over-diagnosis of depression in Australia, and I am quite inclined to that view as well.
A similar case would be the identifying and treating of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) in the states. Children who do not perform well in school are automatically assumed to have ADHD just based on a few tests with the school psychologist. They are then fed the highly controversial ritalin pills. I noe someone who fell into depression because of the pills. I don't deny their effectiveness, but in many cases they serve not as a cure to a disorder which is possibly non-existent instead man-made, but as a boost to one's mental mind which would be fine if not for its much researched potential side-effects.
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destiny: that would be negligence on the psychologist's part but unfortunately these things do happen because mental illness is not black and white like the usual physical ailments.

There is a 'bible' for diagnosis (called DSM-IV-TR), and if you ever get the chance to look into it, it has lists of symptoms or behaviour patterns that are ticked off (literally). There's criteria like, "If a person meets 3 out of 4 of Category A and 3 out of 5 of Category B and Category C, the person has so and so disorder.." So it's basically an inclusion or exclusion practice. You either have it, or you don't..

We are aware that this is not a fool-proof system (as you have realized, mistakes happen), but it's the only system we've got so far. There are mistakes especially with psychologists who are fresh out of grad school, and less so (I hope) for more experienced psychologists as they learn to use their personal judgment (along with tests, observations etc) rather than rely heavily on the DSM.

On the bright side, there has been extensive research for putting a different system into place. There are debates going on about having a dimensional approach rather than categorical. I think we all realize that it's not as simple as whether "you have depression or not". People experience different degrees of "unhappy" and if it's serious enough, it's called depression. So a dimensional approach would help, but then there is again the problem with "what are the signs" because you can't X-Ray a person and know that he/she has depression. Therefore, they are currently trying to think of the best way to impose a dimensional approach on top of the categorical system.

You made a good point about pills/medication in general. I sometimes think that the problem with medication in mental disorders are magnified compared to physical illnesses. All forms of medication have side effects but some are more serious than others. The problem with medication for mental illness is that the pills target not one part of the body/brain but a whole system. Why? Because again, nobody can pinpoint the exact location or spot where the problem is unlike e.g. cancer. So why do psychiatrists exist? Well, this is the case of what I like to call "midway science". Research shows that yes, some mental illnesses have altered biological mechanisms, and they can be "fixed" by pills (they are shown to be effective). But this then affects other parts of your brain/body which are perfectly fine in the first place. Our biology is so complicated, and the inability to pinpoint exact "screw-ups" PLUS giving pills to fix a general area can lead to many side effects - insomnia, tremors, weight gain etc. And what's sad is, overdose happens, coz it's essentially the same as what happens to druggies. You take some, they don't work, you take more, then more, then that's it.

Luckily for us, psychology is not all doom and gloom. There is the branch called "Positive Psychology". The thought is, instead of cure, why not prevention? And that is valid because there are ways to maximize potential. It covers interesting stuff such as optimism, confidence, happiness.. all the nice and bright qualities!

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WOW great post!!!! but i still view psychology as...........

YURI DIGGING YOUR MIND>.>>> There is no FREE WILL...........only my will....

Who is yuri? You either have to play red alert2 or wait for Red Alert 3 expansion to come out.
I am a failure...... i am some....wasted sperm.....feel grateful that you are not me.

Plus..........i mistaken Vseehua for a babe


How much of a loser i could become?????
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lol.. too much fantasy my friend.. psychologists are human too! actually.. more than half of psychologists experience burn out at one point of their career.. and they can't "cure" themselves either.. too bad, but.. haha.. otherwise people who have problems should just study psychology and solve their own probs..

I pity doctors too. My mom always tells me that doctors should be lean, healthy individuals who will never catch colds, have diabetes, contract pneumonia, etc coz....they are doctors, they should know how to look after themselves.. LOL!! you see what I mean right.. Poor things.

now.. who is this Yuri.. lol.. i'll be asking my guy friends about her (him?)..

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An absolutely fascinating article regarding human psychology:

Check out our ReCom wiki!
Do contribute by writing or editing the existing articles so that everyone now and in the future can benefit from it!
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LOL. Thanks youngyew ;) for bringing up the classics. Love 'em!

Humans are terrible HEhehe..
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No doubt that almost everybody faces psychological problems , e.g. depression , claustrophobia , aneroxia nervosa , bulimia nervosa.....It's prevalent because we live in a stressful world . Stress comes from family , study , job , financial condition , unexpected incidents....So , I don't think that having psychological problems equal to " you're insane "

Here are the reasons I think why most people afraid of psychology
(i) Psychological problems are commonly misunderstood as having mental illness
(ii) The problems are not taken serious as they think time can cure it
(iii) Afraid they the diagnosis of the psychologist is not positive
(iv) Afraid that people will think they're insane if they know the person attended a psychologist
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my psychologist is very kind , nice n gentle... i love him. i dun mind seeing psychologist to help me deal with any emotional problem becos psychologist will really help u
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