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Pride, is it good?

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Join Date: Apr 2008
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  #11 Old 12-05-2008 Default

take pride in yourself because of your ability is actually a good thing... it do increase one's confident in life...

however there is one 'negative pride' where it is actually an action of boasting... these people are arrogant because they are not confident with themselves, they wanna show to others that they are good (where deep inside their heart they are actually having low self-esteem)... i have come across these people throughout my life...

what i wanna to say here is that everything has a limit... if you are standing over the limit of pride then it is not ok.... moderation is important... people will know if you are really an excellent person... there is no need to make 'announcement' everywhere... take pride IN YOURSELF... be proud of what you are BUT please... dont promote yourself everywhere... if you do so then it is really an arrogant act...
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PaTiEnT Female
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  #12 Old 12-05-2008 Default

Pride is like everything else. Too much, you are arrogant. Not enough, low self-esteem, self-critical etc.

Take pride in all your do and do not let people belittle your achievements however small they may be. To a high-achiever, it's something like a promotion, to a homeless person, it's as simple as getting up everyday.

The trick is keeping this pride to yourself. Take pride, but don't slam it in people's faces.

That is all
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  #13 Old 12-05-2008 Default

pride comes before a fall
humility after it
the difference is the proud and the humble,
one knows how, why and when he's fallen and the other doesn't

proud man or humble man, you decide
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  #14 Old 13-05-2008 Default

To take pride, one must know how to and when to take it.
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  #15 Old 13-05-2008 Default

i dont have to be humble. i'm not that great in the first place.
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capablanca Male
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  #16 Old 13-05-2008 Default

Pride is always good. It is just excessive pride in the end which may lead to downfall. It is not bad actually to boast about you own ability if it is true. After all, you need to do the same thing to stand out of other similar job applicants in an interview.
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The Myth Male
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  #17 Old 29-09-2008 Default

Pride and arrogance are both to be considered as negative nouns.Confidence,on the other hand,is an extremely positive noun.

People admire those who are confident,shun those who are arrogant.

And I believe that most of us would discern this:There are people who may think that you are confident in lockstep to others that may think that you are arrogant.

If we pull down our confidence/arrogance a bit,some people may think that we are humble and simultaneously to some that may say we do not have enough gut/confidence to do this,do that,blah blah blah...

The very fundamental question to be given a thought is WHERE is the boundary between pride and confidence?So that we could always keep ourselves at the maximum of confidence and the minimum of arrogance.

Guess no one on Earth can answer this question.It's Imperative to know that the so-called boundary differ with every homo sapiens with different gene,culture,achievement,social background....!

So,I assume that pride=confidence,as the only different is one of those is to be considered as positive while the other is negative by different people.And hence humble=self inferior.

So,The most important yet the toughest thing to be learned is to choose.To choose a circumstance to be pride/confident,and a circumstance to be humble/inferior;To choose a person and decide whether in front of him/her is to be pride/confident or to be humble/inferior....TO CHOOSE!

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  #18 Old 03-10-2008 Default

well there is a thin line between both pride and confidence. Both benefits an individual in the same way since both encourage us to reach for the sky.

But pride means a person is so full of herself up to the point where she starts being condescending to others. She thinks she is the best while everybody else are plain loser. She loves to brag and boast about what she has achieve.She chooses not to learn from anyone else or listen to other poeple's views because she thinks she is good enough. Pride usually coincides with egoistic behaviour.

Confidence, on the other hand does not emotionally harm others. It is just a drive in an individual to believe that nothing is impossible. A person who is confident can also be regarded as humble if she continuously willing to learn from others but yet does not feel over-intimidated, but instead inspired by the ones that taught her.

Humble does not necessarily equates to inferiority. It's just a Malaysian thing not to brag about yourself. Actually it is an Eastern culture, where it is a taboo thing to announce to everyone that you are good.=P

Inferior would refer to those that have no self-believe. Those that looks at a maths question for 5 seconds and deem it as difficult without even trying. Or those that gave up on trying since they think they can't be as good as everyone else. Inferiority fills a person when he or she stops believing.=)
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  #19 Old 27-10-2008 Default Re: Pride, is it good?

I think we should have a good mixture of confidence and a tinge of pride in order to really boost our self-esteem. Pride is not really something negative, though the stereotype of the society makes it negative. In fact, it's arrogance and ignorance that is the negative elements. When we have accomplished a mission, should we feel bad about it? Shouldn't we take pride in what we have done, especially that thing is attained after much hurdles and troubles.

Pride is not equal to arrogance, but too much of it will lead to arrogance and complacency. When we constantly feel proud about a past achievement, we may feel that we have done good enough. Consequently, we may not go all out when we carry out another task.

But then, feeling proud about a past accomplishment can actually lift up our spirit when we are nit by constant failures. We have to remind ourselves at times of the big task that we successfully fulfilled so that we believe in our capabilities of solving current problems.

So, those are the good and bad of pride. Provided we are able to control our pride, pride always does us good.
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extreme Male
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  #20 Old 27-10-2008 Smile Re: Pride, is it good?

I'll answer your question one by one here with my opinion.Sorry glassylicious that i somehow adapted your format of answering.

1.Can you be excellent without being proud?
Definitely we can be excellent without being proud simply because we have the ability to excel.In my life i have seen many excellent people who do not show their arrogance.They will not look down on others and are willing to learn the thing they don't know from people who are seen much less knowledgeable than them.

2.Is pride the whole point of seeking excellence?
It is partially true in my opinion.Sometimes we need to have some pride in order to achieve something greater.But then not everyone seek excellence for the sake of pride.

3.Is it good for greater society to be a proud person?
Depend on what type of proud the society is adapting. If it's a pride in terms of arrogance then that's bad.If it's pride in terms of confidence then it's good.
Arrogance person will be successful but only to a certain pint but humble person will be always successful and well like by everyone.

4.Are their certain types of pride that are good and some that are bad?

Same answer as question 3.

Do you think their are some that are justified and some that arent?

Also same as question 3.

Now my general opinion about this matter.
When we are confidence people tend to see us as if we are a perfect person with no flaws.This is true somehow in my humble opinion.

The pitfall for some people are they are too confident with their own ability and do not seek help when they have problems.They are too proud to ask for help as they think it will degrade them in the eyes of their friends.For me just ask when you do not know anything as it is better to be stupid for 5 minutes than be stupid forever.

We also cannot glorify our past achievement too much and just take it as a encouragement to achieve greater heights.Take pride in what you have done and be confident of yourself.That is how i encourage myself though i have not achieve any extra ordinary achievement in anything.

The best thing to do is knowing when to be proud and when to be humble.In some situation we need to boast about our achievement in order to get something like a job interview.If you show your confidence people will tend to be attracted to you as they believe that you will be able to achieve something.
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