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How to share Malaysian culture?

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  #21 Old 29-12-2009 Default Re: How to share Malaysian culture?

Having been to Japan as an ambassador of Malaysia, I had thought of how to share our Malaysian culture too.

What I did was to search for batiks and waus, just to show them our traditional things. I brought some beach wears along too, and they think our makings are exotic and beautiful.

Next, I too introduced them to some local cuisines, like curry and bah kut teh. It's a little different from their food because our curry here is quite spicy and creamy due to the coconut milk in it. But all in all, it's a part of our Malaysian culture and although it's really hot to them, they liked it!

Not only that, I told them how we Malaysians like to use "lah", and how we say "terima kasih" and "sama-sama". And they really laughed out loud at our speaking habits. Though it's not something we should really be proud of, but it's still our culture right?

Speaking of our Malaysian culture, I'm actually quite proud we have all these different races and wonderful food and lifestyles. Not to forget about our unique babas and nyonyas too. All in all, these are just my opinion and how I shared the Malaysian culture.
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  #22 Old 30-12-2009 Default Re: How to share Malaysian culture?

Some promotion through electronic media will help a lot. When the tourist came to our country, the tourist guide should play their role in telling them the cultures and showing them if possible. They can take the tourist to taste different Malaysian food and watch traditional dances and music. Maybe this will intrigue them and they will share our culture with their friends and families back in their country.
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  #23 Old 22-01-2010 Default Re: How to share Malaysian culture?

I've kinda asked help from the toursim department(stationed overseas) when I organized a malaysian night and the response was very encouraging. The commercials by the latest generation of malaysian directors were well received by my friends when I showed it to them too!
I can be a pain in the ass with my words and expressions.

But a true Recommer would oversee all these and gather the patience to listen to what I have to say.

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  #24 Old 27-01-2010 Default Re: How to share Malaysian culture?

To me, Malaysian culture = mix of cultures.
I always started the discussion that we have different ethnics in Malaysia, schooling system, communication with mixed language (good or bad this is our culture), TV program/news in different language etc. Of course food/tradition/events follows.
Its all these mixtures that make Malaysia a unique country, not Indonesia, China, India nor anywhere in the world.

The most damaging phrase in the language is: 'It's always been done that way.'

- Grace Murray Hopper
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  #25 Old 05-02-2010 Default Re: How to share Malaysian culture?

in my opinion the best way is by promoting tourism. everyone has the opportunity to experience malaysian culture if they come to malaysia. They can know about malaysia's tradition, food and malaysian's lifestyle. Its always better to experience ourselves.

On the other hand, i think students exchange program should be held more often. Its definitely a good way to share Malaysian culture among youths from other countries.
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