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Originally Posted by alter_ego View Post
oh, i've question here, do u know when is the right time to use "deshou" ?
Deshou has different meaning in different context. When placed at the end of sentence deshou is used to express uncertainty, and sometimes it is used to form tag question. Eg: This is a book, isn't it?

And sometimes deshou is also used in the beginning of sentence. Usually when someone is talking about something obvious, like: "She is very beautiful." Then, the other person can say, "deshou ne?" (it gives a sense of agreement to the statement made before).

And I'm not sure about this, but I've heard that we can't use deshou when referring to our own actions like to use deshou in a sentence like "I might be in the library tomorrow" is a no-no.

I'm not used to 'darou' but it should be pretty similar, I think. Please correct me if I made any mistake.
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It's unfortunate and sad to see this thread dwindling to a halt for almost one year already, although it's partly my fault for not staying active in ReCom due to the normal works and life excuse .

But anyhow, my love in Japanese language is strong as ever. I wish I could help any ReComers who are learning Japanese here with their questions but my knowledge in Japanese does have its bounds.

But in the age of the internet, there is still hope. In one little corner of the internet, there exists a network of websites called StackExchange where their communities fluorish not on forums, but on questions and answers. It contains a number of Q&A sites, each pertaining to specific fields or concepts. There is one for programming, one for photography, one for mathematics etc etc. These sites are basically similar like Yahoo Answers but the most interesting and awesome feature of these sites is that you accumulate reputation points from votes on you questions and answers. So there, you can be sure people will be eager to answer your questions. I see this as a better place to get your questions answers than, say, in ReCom.

Unfortunately, there is no site in that network that is specific for Japanese language, yet. There is, however, a proposal to create such a site currently in stage. This proposal requires commitment from a number of users (at least 200 users if I'm not mistaken) and currently the commitment level is at 68%. Thus, I highly recommend and encourage, and I'll really really appreciate if any of you guys, 'O ReComers who love Japanese language, no matter if you are just a beginner or a subject matter expert, please spend some of your precious minutes to visit this proposal staging site and put your commitment by clicking the 'Commit' button and optionally register.

Here's the link:

Do spread the words around!

p/s to Seng Chye and all the sensei in here, I'll really hope to see you in there when the site is created after the proposal reaches 100% commitment.

p/s: below is list of already existing sites if you want to have a feel on how they work:

StackOverflow ( - on programming and coding

Mathematics (

Gaming (

Photography (

Cooking (

Fitness and Nutritions (

p/s 3: btw here's my network profile: .. I've been quite active in StackOverflow where I post questions on my coding projects (and at the same time help other coders with their questions)
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Minasan, hisashiburi~~~!
Thanks Luke. That site looks great but less FUN ^ ^

The most damaging phrase in the language is: 'It's always been done that way.'

- Grace Murray Hopper
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