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iPad for studying.

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maofong Male
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  #1 Old 29-04-2012 Default iPad for studying.

Hey everyone, I was thinking of getting an iPad , mainly for study purposes (yeah right) . Anyone out there who owns an iPad ? Is it useful for studying? Plus plus has anyone tried the textbooks on iPad? thanks
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Originally Posted by maofong View Post
Hey everyone, I was thinking of getting an iPad , mainly for study purposes (yeah right) . Anyone out there who owns an iPad ? Is it useful for studying? Plus plus has anyone tried the textbooks on iPad? thanks
iPad 2 user and currently under CIE A-level. Frankly speaking, it is useful in different ways but to the extent of considering it an essential study tool is questionable. You see, because most of the mark schemes we use in CIE are mostly in digital copy, having one of these really makes it convenient and paper-friendly to study. Textbooks on iPad is an idea that is possible, but probably best that you jailbreak it to fully utilize such capabilities. Also, it depends whether a digital copy of said textbook is easy to find in the first place. Otherwise, I have website links that I use for independent e-learning. With that said, nothing beats a good old paper page book
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Well it's definitely useful for easy internet since you carry it around pretty much anywhere and assuming you have mobile internet on your iPad... wikipedia, google, yahoo answers and countless other sites may be useful for studying.

But then again, can you imagine trying to type up a multiple page assignment on a tablet keypad vs. a conventional keyboard?

Plus, a laptop has a dvd-rom and bigger hard disk which means more storage space and you can install actual games and/or document viewers or whatever programs are relevent to your studies. (Although iPad can do that as well to a lesser extent)

My 2 sen, cheers
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It is useful on certain occasions. Especially if you need to refer to the Internet constantly for whatever purposes. I found it extremely helpful whenever I need to refer to the past years on xtremepapers for A-Levels. It's definitely not for assignment-purpose though. You will need a laptop for that.
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twelvester Female
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For studying purpose? Sorry I'll pass. It's handy but not so useful when it comes to assignment, you still need software like powerpoint, words and used it when presentation. You may want to consider
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Depends what you're using it for.

I have an Android tablet with a keyboard dock that I use for taking down notes in lectures. The notes are synced online and I can access it from any computer - the tablet-keyboard combination is much lighter and more portable than carrying a full laptop with me. If you're gonna use your iPad for note-taking, which I see quite a few people do, you'll probably find it quite useful (as long as you get a good keyboard to go with it - touchscreen typing is a bad idea).

If you're talking about reading notes, then I think nothing beats a good ol-fashioned set of physical notes. I can annotate, highlight, underline, flip, fold and whatever else I want - things I can't exactly do on an iPad or Android tablet, or at least not so conveniently.

The one big benefit obviously is that it's portable, so it may come in handy if you travel around but don't want to lug books with you. But that in itself isn't a great reason to get one, in my opinion. It depends very much on your situation.

So basically, IMO tablets are useful mostly for note-taking rather than reading. If the place where you usually study is also where all your books are (i.e. at the school library, or at home) then you don't gain much from having a tablet for the purposes of reading notes.

Also, it depends on how you study. If it's just a matter of reading/writing, it's simple enough: just consider it the way I pointed out. But if you're also always doing things like writing research essays or creating presentations, then nothing will ever beat a laptop. Apple/Android tablets aren't so good for that type of multitasking: no multiple windows, just one small screen, etc.

But if your concern is that you don't want to lug around heavy books to your school and back every day, then maybe there's some merit to the idea - whether that's a worthy trade-off is up to you.

But if your work covers a lot of things (reading, writing, researching, multimedia) then get a laptop. Specifically, get an Ultrabook. It's a little pricey, but you'll get a thin, light laptop that's portable but also has decent specs.
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