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why are active recomers leaving recom?

View Poll Results: why people leave ReCom?
They are busy 20 37.74%
others 6 11.32%
They are demotivated 12 22.64%
They move on with thier lives 15 28.30%
Voters: 53. You may not vote on this poll

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Originally Posted by MarquisX
1) way too many 'scholarship threads'.
yall beat me to my first point. way too many spoonfeeders. Hear ye, hear ye, i freaking hate spoonfeeders. well, it's not like they actually care to read this thread anyway.
couldn't agree more... look at the scholarship thread and u will understand....

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my take is:

1. totally agree with the sponsorship thread. you will see a huge flux of newcomers in recom once SPM exam is around the corner and when everybody is looking for scholarships/loans.

2. the debate forum is swarmed with kids. why i say kids? you can see from how they all act and react to certain issues, comments, etc. the etiquettes in posting a message and replying to one just irritates me. one may have a very good point but whats the point of being smart on the issue with nasty attitudes.

the rest of my points are the same as what others have said.

about the mods and anchors, IMO they have done, not great but nice enough job - considering those are an unpaid positions i dont mind when some of them put tapes in one's mouth (finger that is) since most of the time, the so-called victic may have gone overboard. plus they are required to maintain the standard of recom. yes, they are not perfect but as long as the job is done(which IMO, it is achieved), thats good enough
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Originally Posted by MarquisX
sadly, english has been the forum's strong and weak point. The forum managed to gather scores of opinionated individuals while unitentionally left out a big chunk of opinionated-but-english deficient-folks.

we can fix #1, 2. #3 is recoverable over time..but i don't have any idea how to fix #4.

While I am not sure if the forum has left out a big chunk of opinionated-but-english deficient folks, I do think that even if the forum has managed to gather scores of opinionated individuals who are proficient in english, the state of the English language within these forums is deplorable. I am not against the use of Malay language. In fact, I rather read a post in the Malay language than a post in some crazy mix of languages. Of course, some would contend that this is the "Manglish" that Malaysians are proud of. Moreover, I think it is easier for me to understand a post written in simple English compared to a post that uses difficult words out of context and with bad grammar. I think that language should not be a barrier for Recom because one of our visions is to improve our fluency in language. I am not incriminating people who unintentionally make grammatical mistakes( I make grammatical mistakes all the time), but I am just saying that people who have obtained 12A1s in their SPM must have deliberately written in broken English. (Yes, I am targeting the scholarship threads) Again, I don't really care if you want to write in broken English, I do that sometimes. I just think that it may trivialize some arguments in the forums and make them unappealing to some people.
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I have an idea....

possibly those people who left think that they are walking in a circle when they participate on Recom...

one of my friend has told me that she left because she felt like there is no conclusion to the discussion...

something like walking around circles...
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Yeah. definitely. Worst, we might not be walking in circles, we might just be watching others walk in circles.

To balderdash, I don't think that all discussions should be educational/serious/intellectual. However, I do think that there should be a limit. The difference between ReCom and other entertainment forums is not that we have a wide range of entertainers compared to those who idolize only one entertainer. The difference is we are the future of Malaysia. We are the "young and dynamic community".

Perhaps we should not look at the success of Recom based on the number of posts in the forums. Because and iQing said, ReCom is more than a forum. It is a network that connects Malaysian youths from all over the world. You can still be a Recom member even if you don't post anything in the forums. As long as you understand the aspirations of Recom and use them as your motivating factor, as long as you utilize the connections that you have gotten through Recom for your own advancement, Recom has achieved its goal of creating a more educated and more enlightened generation.

Of course, ideally, the forums and network in Recom would foster unity and understanding between Recom members. Through these online connections, we hope that people will realize that sometimes, our differences are only external. Ideally too, our education (through our own efforts, not spoonfeeding ) will make us less prone to the "herd mentality" (by which I mean racism).

However, I have been slightly disappointed with the forums in Recom because I realized that we state our points and argue through our own lenses. There seem to be less and less exchange of viewpoints and more of attacking and defending our pre-forum viewpoints. I guess I am wrong, but I thought that our forums are the hotspot for exchange of ideas instead of a fighting ring.

As for the issues of race and special rights.... what can I say, our forums seem to reflect the parliament more and more each day
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here's one confession from me.

I do not know why...
I feel that Recom's stricker project is simply grotesque eyesore.

I was condemned for suggesting ReCom to get money by doing something for society (win win)
so that ReCom has better financial power to do its tasks.

after that

ReCom anchors keep enphasising that Recom will remain ad-free, but words are not really kept. it succumbs to google ad...
from that moment my trust towards those leaders of Recom is gone...

well, now ReCom is doing project on making windscreen sticker...

using money on such pathetic work.
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I think that ReCom has become very "immature" compared to the days when it first started. At first the more social threads were a welcomed change but there's just too much now.

Also, there's only so much you can discuss about racism, sex education, malay rights, etc. Whatever the new members bring, we've already said 2 years ago. So for some of the older members I think the discussions do get stale.

And I think with the scholarship threads, you do see a gap in mentality between the fifth formers and the senior members. Maybe this results in both parties feeling like they don't belong. I think that for you to feel comfortable in a forum, you have to feel like you have a connection with the people in the forum.
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Well, busy and hectic life after school reopens is certainly one of the factors ReComers leave, or I would rather say, contribute less to the forum.

But personally, I believe the current active threads also play a big part in determining how many ReComers frequent this forum. Most people will view only the latest 15 topics or the latest topics in a day or 2 when they visit ReCom. And as we can see, since the JPA scholars are getting ready to report in on Monday, we have ReCom bombarded with threads regarding each course, college or programme offered by JPA.

Less threads regarding current issues are brought up. There are hardly any discussions going on. All we see now are questions and answers on preparation towards reporting in one's college. This is unavoidable. By the way, one of the purposes this forum is set up is to share information among its members. So I do not deny the importance of such threads.

Hence, there would be times when certain ReComers find that they have a lot to share and tell while the others find nothing to post on. For instance, the threads in ReCom at the mean time are mainly JPA scholars related. For seniors studying under JPA scholarships, this is the right timing to stand up and share whatever is useful to the juniors.

At the same time, other ReComers who still visit this forum just somehow fail to contribute anything as they are neither JPA scholars nor people who know much about those topics. They are still there, but just not as active as before. Talking from an empty mind will only turn their posts into spams. I prefer to think that they have not left ReCom completely, but are keeping quiet for the moment or taking a temporary break from ReCom.

I am certain they will be back when the time is ripe then. I foresee this forum be rife with discussions once again in the near future.
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compare to other forums.
why recom failed to give comfortable atmosphere to its forumers.

be honest and answer this only if you are also active on other forums.

and how many of them do you know?
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dang, i just saw my Spurs got murdered by Motown Pistons. arrghhh.

anyway, maybe we can start having more of those brainteasers threads. it's fun.
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