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Why are we still here?

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  #21 Old 13-04-2010 Default Re: Why are we still here?

Originally Posted by Glassylicious View Post
*has evil plans to abuse her new-found knowledge*
I wonder if youngyew gets the same feeling when we were talking behind his back all this while
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Originally Posted by youngyew View Post
However, I am still fairly active in non-scholarship threads (I wonder if you guys ever read those threads because it's quite quiet most of the time ) as they pique my interest and keep me enlightened through the various ideas and opinions within.

I also still do the housekeeping stuff everyday, banning spammers, merging threads and so on. I do that because after all these years, ReCom is almost like my house, and I want to keep it clean and tidy. The irony of course is that my real physical room is a mess.
I can understand that your hand might not be long enough to pick up the cloths on the floor and do other house chores since the penguin's hands are very short.

Jokes aside. I did read all the threads but I did not reply most of them. I'm scared to get flamed and my english is not that good to express my ideas without making others misunderstand what I write. Arr, you guys are really good in writing all these things there and I will be the first one dead if I am shot back. Recom wiki and HOS is a better choice for me.
~A life lived for others is a life worthwhile~ Albert Einstein

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  #23 Old 14-04-2010 Default Re: Why are we still here?

Since you spend so much time here, why did you folks take up computer science and create a social network that reaches out to everyone? It is not easy, but you can change the world. If that is what you want, you need to go beyond Malaysia.


Sorry, there is a typo, "why did you folks take up computer science... " should be "why didn't you folks take up computer science..."

I am serious, a lot of times, new business/technologies are created out of hobbies. Doing what you like and try to make money in the process, if you do it successfully, you have a successful startup.


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All the code for the page is written by the moderator right ?
and based on the enthusiasm of you guy ,it is quite similar to the story of Mark zuckerberg, just that recom didn't bring any profit to their creator .

All i can say is thanks you for keeping this place alive and help many juniors to chase their dream
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Revamp. Revolution. Refresh.

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