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Chemical Engineering

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  #1 Old 02-12-2004 Default Chemical Engineering

Is chemical engineering with a specialization in biomolecular engineering more about chemistry or physics?
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depends on the school
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wut a broad question....I mean even though biomolecular is a specialization but it's still a huge field. U can be doing a lot of stuff in biomolecular, such as biomechanics (physics), drug delivery (chem and phy), proteonomics (biochem), biomaterials (physics and polymer chem), bioinstrumentation (physics), diagnostics (chem and physics), and systems (chem). Thats about most of the disciplinary that I know and I'm sure there's a lot more. So yeah depends which field u choose to further specialize in.
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It's global. That's mean u can go to Biotech, or other field which is related to physic as long as it's a science field
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