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Education This is the place where we would discuss anything about education issues!!!

Scholarship Acceptance (JPA/MARA/Petronas/BNM/Telekom etc)

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chenchow Male
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  #1 Old 15-05-2005 Default Scholarship Acceptance (JPA/MARA/Petronas/BNM/Telekom etc)

To summarize all fellow ReComers that get scholarships, I would hope that fellow ReComers could post the information here. Post it here, even if you have posted at the main scholarship thread.

This would be for those SPM 2004 batch, who have received scholarship.

Name: (if you don't mind posting)
Scholarship Agency: (JPA/MARA/Petronas/BNM/Telekom/SC) etc
Location of Studies:

Whether ReCom helps in your scholarship (Describe):-
Knowing about Scholarship:
Application Process:
Interview Process:

This would help us evaluate ReCom's information, and eventually be able to provide better services next year.
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  #2 Old 15-05-2005 Default hi

location:alor setar
country:unknown(never receive the letter yet)

application processkay .when u apply make sure u put ur choices in the right for me geoscience was my first .actually geoscience is a very interesting course and u earn lots of money
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  #3 Old 15-05-2005 Default

Name: zihern @ Matsuo Takumi
Scholarship Agency: Petronas
Major: Civil Engineering
Location of Studies: UTP, Tronoh, Perak.

Application Process: Through Internet (ESU website), send relevant documents and RM20 (processing fee).
Interview Process: Being asked to go for EduCamp in UTP for three days. Fun activities in first 1 1/2 day. Examinations and interview (group and individual) in the next 1 1/2 day.
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  #4 Old 15-05-2005 Default

Name : Albert Khor Yee Shin
Location : Kuantan (as of posting time)
Scholarship Agency : Petronas
Major : Marine Technology Engineering
Country : Overseas but I have no idea where (same with ptamarai)

Does ReCom help? I answer with this (ad-hoc) :

When I was innocent,
And fought without experience,
ReCom came into my presence,
And I don't deny its importance.

ReCom taught me a whole lot,
From interviews to counselling,
By ReCom my attention is caught,
And the experience is rewarding.

ReCom taught me respect,
To give and take,
To provide opinions with tact,
To discern between real and FAKE!

Application process : Above posts explain it well enough. However, ptamarai is very true about the choice of course. During my educamp in December 2004, they announced "We do not REALLY CARE about your second and third choice....only FIRST choice will be considered!" Do not try to test Petronas by putting your favourite course as your second choice. You will pay for it.

Interview process : Do not dominate but empower others to provide a CONSTRUCTIVE and great discussion. You and others must channel great ideas and self opinions during the case study. During the individual interview, try to be civil in your speech and be very polite but yet assertive. For the aptitude test, basically it's a test on IQ, so ransacking SPM or STPM books will get you nowhere. Some interviewers will be very friendly. Take the serenity but not the complacency. If you are too complacent and start speaking out craps, you fall into the deception. Some interviewers are not the friendly type. Again, take the discipline but not the fear. Be responsive and on alert all the time. I think ReMag will enlighten more on these points.

Additional tips : As we all know, medicine scholarship is a gem in Petronas programmes. It is indeed very very hard to get. Therefore, for those who applied for it, please be really on alert during interview if you are chosen. Nevertheless, business programmes scholarship is also not easy to get. I applied for economics last year : failed, marine technology this year : passed.
However, I am interested in marine tech also make up your mind wisely.

For more info or if you have any enquiries, please PM me. I will be glad to help if possible.

Thank you, ReCom for all the help~!! Viva ReCom!
May God bless you.
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  #5 Old 15-05-2005 Default

Name: Gavin Tan Hunn Jinn
Scholarship Agency: Petronas
Major: Economics
Location of Studies: Colmar, France

Since our friend Albert elaborated alot on this, I'll keep mine short.
Whether ReCom helps in your scholarship (Describe): 100% yes
Knowing about Scholarship: Yeap
Application Process: Yeap
Interview Process: Yeap

One more thing, some interviewers would try to discourage you like saying that there is no one selected for overseas programme after the interview. Don't worry as he may well be playing mind games with you.
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  #6 Old 16-05-2005 Default

Name: Gabriel Houng
Scholarship Agency: Petronas
Major: Mecahnical Engineeing
Location of Studies: UTP,Perak

Whether ReCom helps in your scholarship (Describe): -
Knowing about Scholarship: Not really...
Application Process: No...
Interview Process:Yes, somehow it works...and recom helps me to look for other scholars and to stay in touch with them....

Anyway...recom actually helps me to decide which path to choose for my future because before this i was given plenty of options and i was puzzled and confused which one to choose,but then recom enlightened me....Thanks...
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  #7 Old 16-05-2005 Default

chenchow, in my opninion, if we can do sth like numbering stuff so that we know how many is accepted for petronas, telekom, jpa and the list goes on. some of the methods i hav thought of is:

1. put a number behind the sponsor that granted them scholarship, for example : Sponsor : Petronas ( 1 ), so when the next person want to post the Petronas scholarship he got, he wil write Sponsor : Petronas ( 2 ).

2. just make a list such as
1. tan ah kau
2. zainab
3. ramasamy

1. xxx
2. yyy
3. aaa

3. write a number in the title of one's post, if he or she has got 2 or more scholarship, he or she can write JPA ( 2 ), Petronas ( 5 )

so these are my opinion, if moderator has any more convenient way, it is alwiz good for all recomers, thx

p/s : i wil delete this msg when moderator has seen this post, no spam, thx
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chenchow Male
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  #8 Old 16-05-2005 Default

Thanks pangping1510 for the recommendation. I do indeed plan to tabulate it at the end, but at current stage, I was thinking of letting those who get the scholarship to share their information/advice first, and then perhaps around a week or two after all scholarship agencies release their results, I will do the tabulations.

And perhaps another way would be to tabulate it every few days, and add onto the list.

I welcome all suggestions. Thanks for sharing. The more advice that could be shared in, the better it is, since it is still very fresh in your mind.
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  #9 Old 19-05-2005 Default

Name : @@@@@@skyguy
Sponsor : FAMA (Father-Mother)
Major : Doctor of Medicine (Pre-medicine first then Medicine next year onwards)
Location of studies : Crimea, Ukraine.

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  #10 Old 19-05-2005 Default

skyguy..pity pity ...straight A or straight A1??
if ur a non-bumi..and u want to study medicine and u wan a scholarship u need to obtain straight there are more and more straight As every year!!!so..take it easy..stop moaning...
spread love and happiness!! make this world a better place!!~~
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