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Which site do you set your HOMEpage as?

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Schye Male
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  #1 Old 17-03-2008 Default Which site do you set your HOMEpage as?

One of my Japanese friend asked me about what page does most Malaysian set as the HOMEpage (the page that open first when you open your internet browser).

So what is your HOMEpage and which site do you think that most Malaysian is using as HOME.

Most of the Japanese set Yahoo Japan as home.
For me, I use "blank" most of the time unless I have some pages that I haven't finished reading.

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lazy bunny
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  #2 Old 17-03-2008 Talking 3 homepages.

I put my blog,Recom and Yahoo Taiwan......

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kelvinlym Male
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  #3 Old 17-03-2008 Default

I like to put it on as a HOMEpage.

'cause "there's no place like"
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  #4 Old 17-03-2008 Default

I use blank for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox Google Homepage for Firefox.
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luke Male
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  #5 Old 17-03-2008 Default

iGoogle, doYou?
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capablanca Male
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  #6 Old 17-03-2008 Default

Mozilla Firefox Google.
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youngyew Male
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  #7 Old 17-03-2008 Default

Gmail + Google Reader.

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  #8 Old 17-03-2008 Default

Google. It seems to take faster time to load
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The Student
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  #9 Old 18-03-2008 Default

i don't really have a homepage per-se. When i start my Firefox there will be the tabs from the last session, so that i can continue from what I've left off last time ;);)
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chiachean Male
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  #10 Old 19-03-2008 Default

For portable flash drive,I use Opera portable which homepage is actually a speed dial...

For laptop, both IE and Firefox is Google homepage..
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