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Kursus Tatanegara

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GOVERNMENT-SPONSORED students who wish to further their studies overseas will be required to pass the Kursus Tatanegara.

This is to enable them to increase their understanding about the inner self and the country's administration.

This is the quotation from newspaper, and to know more about it, check out the following links:-

Lets discuss this issue.
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I have been to BTN (Biro Tatanegara) camp in Ulu Kenas, Kuala Kangsar, Perak...

I have experienced Malay's adat bercukut in a kampung..

an old man says that during his childhood time people have no chance even to go to secondary school.... they have to walk far away to a sekolah pondok, where tables and chairs are self-made.

and the Japanese armies were chopping people's head at the time..

so how lucky we are...

but somehow one or two speakers touched on sensitive issues...
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damn, the goverment is trying hard to make sure all the students come back and vote for them.
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BTN should be scrapped. The govt is trying too hard to control ppl behavior.

the big brother is watching you.
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crap, that was me from St. Louis. forgot to login.

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I still remember that we had the same discussion in communityzero and my opinion is still the same.


The most damaging phrase in the language is: 'It's always been done that way.'

- Grace Murray Hopper
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I am sorry to post this but can anyone explain to me what is Kursus Tatanegara? Is it something like Tatarakyat?

~ roy ~
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I'm not sure whether the program known as KurSus tatanegara is the same with the currently Kursus BTN (Biro Tata Negara) .I dont know about u guys but the one i attended was tiring.its filled with ceramah..we sat listening to 10 hours of ceramah throughout 4 days.its better for them to adapt the OBS stye(Outbound School )like the pnb scholars attended to.
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I read the very brief article in Recom News about this Kursus Tatanegara thingy.... it just says that it's something sponsored students who are to be sent overseas have to pass this test before they are qualified to fly.... even if they got admittance into MIT or Cambridge or sth like that, and fail this test, they will not be allowed to go....

But it doesn't really say what kind of test this is (oral? interview? written? physical?) and what is its format. Doesn't give much information about what is going to be its content (patriotism? another Sejarah Malaysia kinda thing? ethics? self development???).

Would really appreciate it if someone could do some research and elucidate us on this new implementation.... Does anyone have a younger sister or brother who's currently being sponsored by JPA, Petronas, Mara, Tenaga or [sth sth](forgot the other one affected) ?
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Oh, by the way,

retroque!! Welcome to Recom and thank you for your first post. I'd like to invite you to proceed to the Intro Forum so that you can tell us a little more about yourself! THanks!
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