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about the 2km thing, no worries, as long as you are capable of walking for 2km without stopping, then, you will pass (that was the case for my BTN, which the facilitators decided to extend the time again and again.

However, come to think about it, that's just plain silly. The least all of you should do, is to run a 2.4km under 12 minutes, that simple. (don't you guys run 2.4km/ or 1.5km for PE test in high school?)... (go to ASEAN and you will die of physical exhaustion...)

And about passing the exam, there will be a couple of 'nice' facilitators giving out a list or discuss some same questions, so, just stay 'alert', and have big ears, you will be able to catch wind, and stay in the loop.
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I'm a petronas scholar who recently attended the biro tatanegara kem, so I can answer to the fact that other scholars do attend the camp as well or they are not able to fly. What I don?t understand is with the recent fuss about the seditious book in UPM, they should consider revamping the textbook used in UPM, as it do differentiate between the races. Some comments are a little overboard when a friend put up a comment about the globalization issue, she was shot down on the spot, very uncouthly. Nevertheless, it was fun getting to know other scholars from JPA and MARA. And I?m new here, so I need help finding a forum about students leaving for UK. Anyone, please help?
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just got back from btn!! It was great!!
Mine was in MSN Asahan, Melaka...The place is really nice. apparently we were very lucky cause we originally were supposed to go to pahang, but somehow they had to change the venue..

basically, we had

-airconditioned rooms
-only had two or three ppl a room.. the guys had to share up to 6 people in a room, i think..
-hot water

the only thing it lacked was a tv!!

and as for the activities, its not that bad.. quite easy.. running, push ups.. the hardest for me was the fireman's lift. u basically have to carry ur friends like a fireman would in case of fire..

as for the ldk, it depends on ur faci s...
There were 117 of us and we were divided to 9 groups for ldk and 10 groups for any other activities cause there werent enough facilitators.

my faci was very pro bn. He was praising the government so much, and it got a bit boring la.. but another group had a really nice faci. he explained to them bout the dewan rakyat, dewan negara and stuff and bout all the kementerians in malaysia. He even gave tips for the exam!!
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I actually love BTN...right from the start till the end...
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  #95 Old 20-11-2006 Default need help!

HELP !hey. im new here.. pet scholar from intec, uitm.
anyway, juz wanna ask for u guy's help
im going for btn .. in 3 wks time
n i need to know about the accomodation at
ulu kenas, kuala kangsar, perak.
pls help! thanks.
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Originally Posted by bananaboat
The rules of the internet states that if people uses GIANT LETTERS, they will most probably won't get any help from anyone...
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is there many outdoor activities such as sports or jungle trekking?
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Originally Posted by gal_flower
i agree tad i actually had more fun during the karaoke session in btn than atu nite...but then again, perhaps its bcoz i was sick during the dinner n we were all nicely dressed tad we din really go all out to haf fun...

btn...juz go there without long as there are frens around, everything is bearable! we had singing sessions...chatting sessions...we had fun! (albeit the food!)
the nazi youth had similar programmes, with excellent food too, glad that msia implements such inspiring activities for our young. hitler couldnt be prouder.
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Originally Posted by slumber
is there many outdoor activities such as sports or jungle trekking?
yes there is
on one condition : good weather
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thats mean everyday we will have outdoor activities is it?
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