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Kursus Tatanegara

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Old thread revisited.

For jpa scholars at kutpm going to india and indonesia, the BTN camp will commence from 12-16 April.

Indonesia bound scholars like me are going to Kem Bina Negara in Tanjung Rhu Sepang.

India bound scholars are going to Kem Bina Negara Meru, Klang.

Those who went for this camp before, care to share your experiences? Esp those who went to sepang camp, wanna know more abt the facilities they have there...

And also, pls give some advices on how to survive this 5-day-camp...

thank you.
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we do not know if the ffood they provide is clean or not so bring some anti- cirit birit medication
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Students in public universities are required to attend BTN too as to fulfil the requirements before graduating. It is divided into two types; one is Seminar BTN and the other is a Kem BTN. The seminar is a one day talk whereas the kem is a whole week program that is held at selected location. Well, i have been selected for the Seminar BTN and nothing much about it but only talks(related more to pengajian Malaysia) and some question-answer session between students and the officers from Jabatan Perdana Menteri.
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I had been to Kursus Biro Tatanegara
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i've been to somewhere in nowhere in Negeri sembilan last year...

and slept through the whole ceramah session...heh heh...

but the group activities are fun...esp the debate part...heh heh...,
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can anyone who had gone to the btn camp in N.9 tell a bit about their experience??
How was the food?Accomodation?Bath?
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Originally Posted by jiinjoo
Why can't other NON-gov-sponsored students attend the kem too? Why must they only brainwash (if they are doing it well enough to earn that name) only the gov scholars?
They believe, that by using PUBLIC FUNDS to finance the studies of the chosen few, the chosen few would be indebted to BN. Hence the name, B(t)N.

If the reactions of ReCom'rs is anything to go by, it seems BTN ceramah's are counter-productive.

But it's unlikely people like chenchow vote for the opposition. He's the exception to the norm.
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Originally Posted by wth87
can anyone who had gone to the btn camp in N.9 tell a bit about their experience??
How was the food?Accomodation?Bath?
Overall, the camp was quite enjoyable with the exception of the 8 hours of ceramah which was basically a revision of what we've studied in school. The LDK was the fun part, where all of us had the opportunity to voice out our opinion in various issues. The quality of food is good as none of us had food poisoning. The best part of the camp in N9 is that you can find all kinds of insects under the sun except for one, mosquitoes! So, sleep was good but quite lacking.
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I went to the BTN camp in Tanjung Rhu, Sepang.

It is the newest camp in Malaysia and wow, i was impressed by the facitilies there. They have an fully air-conditioned auditorium to conduct the talks (4 talks abt negara, rakyat, kenegaraan and tanah air, 2-3 hours each) and the theatre seats are so comfortable to... doze off esp when the talks are boring. I slept twice during each ceramah, caught once since i was the group leader and sitting at the first seat, second row, bad luck..

Apart from talks, u have the LDK part about 16 hours, 8 slots each. A group of about 12 ppl will be assigned a facilitators and during LDK, u'll have discussions, debates, all those usual stuff.. about our nation of course.

Physical activities are not stressed in BTN. You just have to kawad a little first thing in the morning and during evening. Then you'll have some tests like pumping, holding your breath, spin and walk, balancing act etc etc. And also, the 2km run which you'll have to complete within a range of time... Besides, if the facilities are available and the weather appropriate, you might do some flying fox and abseiling. We didn't managed to do it though, it rained during that evening, to my utmost relief.

Basically to pass this BTN, you'll have to pass three parts... the LDK, the physical part and a "TEST" conducted during the end of the program. You'll be given four books to study for the test, and it turned out to be quite hard. Luckily for us, the facilitators are there, and they gave us hints. Like for one question i was split between tanjung malim and parit buntar, when i asked him, he said " i cant tell u the answer, but its definitely not parit buntar " lol, funny.

Accomodation part is okay, usual dormitory style, 20 students in a block/room. The toilet and bathroom is not communal either. There are cubicles, as well as "kolam" and the malays especially in my camp simply loved to bathe together in the kolam and shout together as if a water festival was going on every evening.

A vital part to surviving this program would be to catch enough sleep, i think... especially for muslims who have to wake up at 5 something to perform subuh prayers.

Food was okay, at least for my camp but do bring along some medication like iQing advised. You get served 6 times daily, but it's not enough!!! Because three servings are actually minum pagi, minum petang and minum malam where you get to eat only two tiny pieces of kuih and a cup of either coffee or tea.

That's all i think, what I can recall of my experience in BTN.
Hope it helps
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i went to btn ulu kenas, kuala kangsar last year...
the programe's wasting time and no point there especially the ldk part. it's not serious at all, they dont like to do serious things but told jokes. the food's quite good.

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