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[STPM] 2009 Lower 6 End Year Exam Paper Exchange

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lowxuan Female
Join Date: Mar 2008
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  #1 Old 25-10-2008 Default [STPM] 2009 Lower 6 End Year Exam Paper Exchange

Hey guy,

School end year exam for 2008 has just finish the past tuesday, but it's just a long way to go till the real STPM coming next year. So, i would like to exchange the end year exam paper with you. I will upload chemistry and math T paper with answer 1st. Anyway, FYI, i get A in chemistry, A- in Math T, B in Physics. Muet and PA still remain unknown as teacher haven't mark finish. Uploading the paper*kinda slow,sorry

Hope all of you can share your school end year exam paper^^


Lower 6 2008 should be STPM 2009 right? Changed it already. ~Xon

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Scrmath Male
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  #2 Old 07-03-2009 Smile Re: [STPM] 2009 Lower 6 End Year Exam Paper Exchange

Where to download the paper u upload?Thx for helping..
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tecklee89 Male
Super Junior Member
Join Date: May 2009
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  #3 Old 27-05-2009 Default Re: [STPM] 2009 Lower 6 End Year Exam Paper Exchange

if you want to download it, can simply go to www.*********.com and upload wad ever file you got in order to share with other people. can copy the download link here to share with other people.
I have downloaded some examination papers on my blog.
feel free to visit:

and more on
Thanks for sharing and keep work hard...
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  #4 Old 07-06-2010 Default Re: [STPM] 2009 Lower 6 End Year Exam Paper Exchange

It is long period here but i interested in the exam of three subjects physics, chemistry and math i have already download some material for math but still need to download of other subjectscafepress coupon code | cafepress coupon | cafepress promo code


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  #5 Old 06-08-2010 Default Re: [STPM] 2009 Lower 6 End Year Exam Paper Exchange

Honestly one and a half year for everything in STPM isn't enough, but if you manage to distribute your time well, it shouldn't be a big problem. To me, the hardest subject is Chemistry. I face some problem even I was in Form 4. To me Chemistry is fun but I was in trouble when I tried to imagine the concept. Here's the key : You grab the concept for Chemistry and you will score. For physical chemistry it is more testing on your understanding and hence the concepts are very important, it is very different that Organic/Inorganic Chemistry where more memorizing is required. Biology is a subject where you will need to read a lot and your skill to pour everything out on the answer papers during the exam. For Maths T, true understanding and application will be required since sometimes the questions can be very challenging and cannot be solved without the application and derivation of some basic concepts.

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