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No more "Allow or Cancel" on every single thing you do.

Check out our ReCom wiki!
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7 retains the all the important features of vista (no more uac!) yet is fast and responsive. so no worries if u're running 7 with just 1gb of memory since it's very light on resources compared to vista. people stop complaining finally.
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I absolutely love wins 7. It has the beautifulness of vista and smoothness of xp. Try it out
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I've just purchased a new Sony Vaio (the NW series so it's nothing so high-tech anyway ), and it comes with a pre-installed Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit). I have never used Windows Vista - I have been using Windows XP Home Edition all this while. So a switch to Windows 7 was initially quite a shock for me, because I had to learn about the operating system and how it works quite from the scratch.

So far, the software that I have installed in Windows 7, though are old, are working quite fine. There have been fears between my friend and I that some software designed for the 32-bit operating system may not function in our 64-bit Windows 7. However, so far, I have not yet encountered any problems.

Windows 7 detects certain software as previously having compatibilty issues (maybe because there WERE indeed some compatibility issues when the software was run in Windows Vista). You can opt to check for updates, if you want, or just run the program. I have come across four software which I have installed having previously compatibility issues, but upon running the program, it is just fine. Therefore, I believe that Microsoft has settled quite a lot of compatibility issues in Windows 7 and that it may be well backward compatible.

Printers are now in plug-and-play, meaning there is no need to install the drivers that come with the CD.

When I purchased a new laptop I was thinking of getting a Toshiba M500. However, when I tested Windows 7 on the Toshiba laptop I noticed that its response is still slow, and somewhat lagging - much to my disappointment. I decided against getting the Toshiba and came across the Sony Vaio, and its performance impressed me.

Why did I initially wanted to purchase a Toshiba laptop? Well, my old Toshiba laptop has been with me for the past four years so I thought that it emphasises on durability. However, lately I've received feedback from friends that Toshiba laptops today are not as durable as they once were. I've no idea how true that is.

P/S: IF you purchase a new computer that has a pre-installed genuine Windows 7 and it does not come with a Recovery Disc, most likely it has a Create Recovery Disc option in the operating system. Make sure you create the discs yourself as soon as possible, lest your operating system fails at some point of time!
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i just installed my new win7 ultimate! i love it!
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I got windows 7 for my computer cause my windows xp pro didn't have very good virus protection on it. I'm very impressed with the ease of loading it on my computer. Also, I am impressed with the whole set-up and navigation of programs and icons.
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